Schandmaul - Auf Hoher See (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

On The High Seas

Probably in year 1360
The night was torn by a scream
In a small fishing village
A life passed and a new one arose
The room cold, the fire on
The child sees the world
Yet in the eyes, it flashes bright
To hear what I told
Prince of the seas, master of the seas
His name roaring on the waves
Who calls him becomes lost
And goes collect treasure in his ship
We're alone on the high seas
The sound of the waves urge us onward
We're alone on the high seas
With full sails on the course to freedom
Threatened with poverty, hunger, and death
A pitiful fisherman
So he goes for the first times on the sea
The heart invigorated, fear suppressed
He develops the plan, he wants revenge
To take the riches of others
Who henceforth speaks his name
Pays with his life
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