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[1st verse]
Ah, today I'm gonna leave the job (job), God, I hate this rut (rut)
A few more days like this, man, I swear then my head is gonna explode
You always just have to behave according to rules and lists
In between all these snapshots I want to capture life for a change
And I am gone, far away, where mistakes can be forgiven
To the place where we thought we'd be at the age of 30 when we were 16
No worries and bullsh*t, because as if we wouldn't notice
The daily routine is like quicksand, the harder you kick, the deeper you sink
Always just living along, from dun to dun and installment payment
One time a year 14 days Mallorca
I'm out of here, I can already see a beginning after the end
No matter how long the plunge, as long as the touchdown is sorted out
Maybe Saint Tropez, maybe far behind the mountains
Maybe just Bielefeld, where a grin still means something
Finally learning to walk
Finally starting to stop (Ah)
[chorus] (2x)
And last night I woke up
Opened my eyes
Rays of sun in my face
Stop the world and I'm gone
Gone (Hey)
Gone (Hey
[2nd verse]
They always want more (more), fulfillment is hard (hard)
I'm so used to the noise, silence is noise for me now
I can't and don't want to do this anymore, locked in factories
As if my life would rush past me on the assembly lines there
Day in, day out, in here, out there*
A stationary dog's life**, yes, no, I escaped
The main point is that the rent is fine, the main point is that there's a vacancy in the day care center
Pay the installment for your car, starting at seven every day
Live like in Groundhog Day***, pray to Jesus, be faithful to your wife
Hardworking and productive, long live the German Dream
Starting today I'm out of here, it's time to go,
As far as it carries me, burnt bridges lead the way
I'm gonna go my own way, not carry any burdens
The trick is to breath, the answer is to simply not ask (Ah)
Finally learning to walk
Finally starting to stop
[chorus] (2x)
*in here, out there might refer to literally entering and leaving the factory building. It is however, also a German expression when something that is said simply passes through a person's head without leaving any impact. (Meaning, they don't care.)
**German expression for a life that's barely worthy of a dog
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Auf und davon

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