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Eyes closed

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The waves at the beach, they are like us
They toss and turn and nothing happens
I embrace her tightly
Because the feeling leaves me
This way we sit here at the beach until it gets dark
In the evening we just go for a walk
Oh, I hold her in my arms because we both feel cold
We talk about the day
I tell her that I like her
A statement that makes me sad
And then I kiss her and I wish that it would be you
And when I sleep with her I close my eyes
It's a been a long time that you haven't been here anymore
I have already tried everything
I can't do anything else, everything else doesn't work anymore
I lie awake next her in bed for hours
The time seems to stand still like I do
It passes only slowly
And starts to crush me
I know exactly that it can't go on like this
Postat de Steena la Joi, 27/05/2010 - 22:02
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