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Ben 10 Intro (Brazilian Portuguese)

A história começou quando um relógio esquisito
Grudou no pulso dele vindo lá do infinito
Agora tem poderes e com eles faz bonito
É o Ben10
Se acaso encontrá-lo você vai se admirar
Diante dos seus olhos ele vai se transformar
Em um ser alienígena que bota pra quebrar
É o Ben10
Com os seus poderes vai combater
Os inimigos e vai vencer
Ele não foge de medo ou dor
Moleque muito irado seja onde for
É o Ben10
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Ben 10 Intro (Brazilian Portuguese)

The story started when a strange watch
It stuck to his wrist coming from infinity.
Now it has powers and makes them beautiful
It's Ben 10
If you find him, you will admire him.
He will transform before your eyes
In an alien being that boots to crush
It's Ben 10
With your powers you will fight
The enemies and will win
He does not shy away from fear or pain
Very angry boy everywhere
It's Ben 10
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This song was difficult for me to translate into English but I tried my best

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I messed up a couple of the English translated lyrics so I'll come back to them whenever I have some time!