bite the dust

Postat de Persian_Glamberts la 21.12.2012

bite the dust (Engleză) — a. to fail completely or cease to exist
b. to fall down dead

Engleză, explicat de Persian_Glamberts la Vineri, 21/12/2012 - 17:03

bite the dust — to die

Engleză, explicat de evfokas la Duminică, 05/05/2013 - 19:42

bite the dust — mordre la poussière.
Apparently dates back to the time fights or tornaments took place in sandy arenas. It means basically to be thrown to the ground, and by extension, to fail, to loose. No indication of death in current language.

Franceză, explicat de batay la Marţi, 13/03/2018 - 04:26
I mean in French - batay în urmă cu 6 luni

bite the dust — dran glauben müssen;
ins Gras beißen

Germană, explicat de Mauler la Sâmbătă, 22/12/2012 - 00:39

bite the dust — Θα φας χώμα

Greacă, explicat de Guest la Luni, 04/12/2017 - 21:16

bite the dust — Φάε τη σκόνη μου!

Greacă, explicat de Afroditi Dimitriou la Marţi, 03/04/2018 - 20:42

bite the dust — Κλωτσά τη σίκλα

Greek (Cypriot), explicat de SoPink la Miercuri, 17/08/2016 - 16:48

bite the dust — Mangiare la polvere. (deriva dal fatto che sulle strade sterrate, dove si fanno le gare, (per esempio i rally) l'auto davanti alza la polvere, che finisce in faccia a chi sta dietro)
That car was too fast. It made us bite the dust.
Quell'auto era troppo veloce. Ci ha fatto mangiare la polvere.

Italiană, explicat de Viola Ortes la Miercuri, 05/07/2017 - 21:13

bite the dust — umrzeć, kojtnąć, "kopnąć w kalendarz", "wąchać kwiatki od spodu", "pójść na łono Abrahama", "pójść do krainy wiecznych łowów"

Poloneză, explicat de zanzara la Vineri, 28/06/2013 - 08:46

bite the dust — Умереть, "отбросить коньки".

Rusă, explicat de NikoletaBrilliant la Duminică, 23/12/2012 - 10:33

bite the dust — cuando alguien muere.

Spaniolă, explicat de sinojosperove la Sâmbătă, 04/02/2017 - 02:33

bite the dust — Ölmek / Başarısızlıkla sonuçlanmak anlamlarında kullanılır.

Turcă, explicat de Sametodbs la Vineri, 26/01/2018 - 11:16

bite the dust — Померти, "врізати дуба"

Ucraineană, explicat de Iouri Lazirko la Miercuri, 18/07/2018 - 20:24

Translations of "bite the dust"

AlteleChilin tazho
AzerăRəhmətə getdi
Bulgarăхвърлям петалите
Bulgară #1, #2
Bulgarăпредавам богу дух
Bulgară #1, #2
Bulgarăотивам в гроба
Bulgară #1, #2
Bulgarăобръщам очи
Bulgară #1, #2
Cehănatáhnout bačkory
Coreeană눈 감다
Coreeană #1, #2
Englezăgive up the ghost
Englezăleft the building
Englezăturn up (one's) toes
Englezăshuffle off this mortal coil
Englezăpop (one's) clogs
Englezăpeg out
Englezămeet (one's) maker
Englezăgo/pass over to the other side
Englezădrop off the perch
Englezăput on (one's) wooden overcoat
Englezăput on (one's) concrete/cement shoes
Englezăcome to Jesus
Englezăcash in (one's) chips
Englezăbreathe (one's) last
Englezăgo down for the third time
Englezăkick the bucket
Englezăbuy the farm
FinlandezăPoistua keskuudestamme
Engleză #1, #2
Francezămanger les pissenlits par la racine
FrancezăCasser sa pipe
Germanădie Radieschen von unten sehen
Greacăαφήνω γεια
Greacăκλείνω τα μάτια μου
Greacăξοφλώ το κοινό χρέος
Greacăτινάζω τα πέταλα
Greacăαποδημώ/εκδημώ εις Κύριον
Greacăεκμετρώ το ζην
Greacăπάω στα θυμάρια/κυπαρίσσια
Greacăεπιστρέφω στη μητέρα γη
Greacăπαω για βρούβες
GreacăΤα τίναξε τα πέταλα
Engleză #1, #2, Greacă
Greacăλέω το ποίημα
Engleză #1, #2
Greacăσυναντώ τον Κύριο
Greacăμπαίνω στον λάκκο
Greacăπάω στον άλλο κόσμο
Greacăβλέπω τα ραδίκια ανάποδα
Greacăμεταναστεύω στον άλλο κόσμο
Greek (classical)Αποδημώ εις Κύριον
ItalianăTirare le cuoia
Italianămordere la polvere
NavajoDeeteel yáábí'iisha' / Deeteel haya'iiką́
OlandezăIn het stof bijten
Polonezăwyzionąć ducha
Polonezăoddać ducha Bogu
Polonezăwydać ostatnie tchnienie
Polonezăkopnąć w kalendarz
Polonezăgryźć piach
Polonezăgryźć ziemię
Românăa da colţul
Românăa da ortul popii
RomânăA trece in lumea de dincolo... A trece pragul...
RusăДать дуба
RusăОткинуть коньки
RusăПочить в бозе
Rusăна ладан дышит
RusăВрезать дубаря
Rusăиспустить дух
RusăОтдать концы
Rusăсыграть в ящик
Rusăотдать Богу душу
Sârbăotegnuti papke
Sârbăotići Bogu na istinu
SpaniolăColgar los tenis
SpaniolăPasar a mejor vida/ Fallecer
Turcăgocup gitmek
TurcăTahtalı köye göçmek
TurcăNalları Dikmek
Turcăvefat etti
TurcăHakkın rahmetine kavuşmak
TurcăHayatını kaybetti.
TurcăYaşamını yitirdi.
TurcăÖteki tarafa göçmek

"bite the dust" în versuri

This Motown,
With yo sound
You're in the blink
You gonna bite the dust
Can't fight with us
With yo sound

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

Sometimes she meets a couple of people
On a certain place
And when fresh stuf runs through the veins there
You bite the dust
And this time she hasn't come
Maybe she didn't make it

Clueso - Chicago

The horizon pushes closer,
and everyone's a star.
We're living like the gods,
and then we bite the dust.
The shadows are becoming longer.
We don't know envy.

Eisbrecher - Welcome to Nothing

In the warm water of the small of your back ?

I will deprive her from dessert
Make her bite the dust
Of all those who are no longer hungry...
I'm going to take on your pain,

Camille - Your Pain

Yu would start to laugh if I cry now
And in bad times I would not be allowed to leave this life behind
And you would sell me, I mean nothing to you
Tell me please how often did I have to bite the dust
Tell me how often was I used by you
I forgave you so often and still you spit on it

Bushido - I hope you feel alright

I'm not able to choose.
But you can't delete
our story.
Dreams bite the dust,
leaving space for the questions
nobody can answer.

Neffa - Where are you?

I may be deceived easily.
I'm able to piss off, I can be charming,
I'm able to call you without a single word.
I'm able to win, I may bite the dust,
I do know that, without all of you, this hurts more.

Vetusta Morla - Every Man for Himself

and in spite of that I would be so tired.
But at least I'd would be well off.
And we continue to cut the lawn to measure
and then we will bite the dust.

Does it always have to be for ever?

Jupiter Jones - Always for ever

I have a good plan
Which takes over control
Come on, friends, hold me back if you mind it
I take off now, bite the dust, so that you all see I am fed up with this lonely life, I am missing something here
I cry like a small child
Because I am alone today

Sido - Birthday

Now I know you've been kicked around
You ain't alone in this ugly town
You stick a needle in your arm
You bite the dust, you buy the farm

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid

Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

play your aces,
in two the risk is minimum
we're together
those who bite the dust
leave the teeth to bite
because those like us

Negrita - In every atom

One thing you rappers cannot deny,
I am the most successful rapper of all times,
you'll bite the dust, one word from me is enough,
I am skyline and curb at once,

Bushido - Curb and Skyline at once

I warrant for myself
And let everyone do it for oneself
It will be better like this, I hit* those who destroy what is ours
They bite the dust sometimes, sometimes they'll lose their brains* again
They tell, it's hard sometimes, one lives on
My street runs from Puławska (street) to the alleys

Hemp Gru - Is it true

I'm walkin tall
I don't let their hatred test me
They bite the dust
Head above water, they still can't breathe
My feet pound the ground

Jennifer Lopez - Mile In These Shoes

Smiled crookedly and whispered, goodbye.

One in a million gets struck by lightning
But eventually, we all bite the dust.

It is a beautiful day elsewhere

DumDum Boys - A beautiful day

it goes on and on.
Your hands, completely dusty
we’re reaching for the stars
and in the end, we bite the dust ²
The days and the weeks,
the months and the years,

Fler - Everything’s Passing

P is for Pat
Who swallowed some glass

One by one, we bite the dust
We kick the bucket and begin to rust
Give up the ghost when your number’s up

Creature Feature - A Gorey Demise

I won't be part of your life
Without you, I won't die
I assure you, I won't die
Although I bite the dust
You will be a sleeping flower

Luis Ángel - Sleeping Flower

Stay together
That's the new trend

Through the bumpy roads the others bite the dust
And seems like everyone's giving up when
These days breaking up is so cliche

Jennifer Lopez - Stay Together

Do you hear me? ALL OF US!
And hang out with people that lead you towards the sun
And not with those
Who want to see bite the dust!
Believe me!"

Swiss - People Come, People Go

Bite the dust
Try to make a move
And I'm on him like 5-0
Bite the dust
So you can go
'Cause I got him

The Pussycat Dolls - Bite The Dust

A beautiful day, the flowers bloom
The neighbor's garden is lush green
Today it's worth getting up
A beautiful day to die! [(coll.) for example: to bite the dust]

Kraftklub - Beautiful Day

Pin your hopes and your dreams upon it now, come and sing with us
Calling out to your children's children,
Let there be love and let them scream it loud,
Before we bite the dust.

So come on!

McFly - Home Is Where The Heart Is

It is there, when you're cold in winter
Always there, to offer you shelter
Always there, when you bite the dust
Always there, to put your life right

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (OST) - Always there

In our three men team, now we are but two
You could still have played a bit
Not leaving without us making sure
Those clowns bite the dust
With a godly terrific stake (3)
You could still have played a bit

Jean Ferrat - You could have lived

And I'll see you face
In the first row.

I can bite the dust at your feet,
Putting my life at risk.
Still, all my antics

Flëur - Sad Clown

Under the sign of the Musketeers
To have peace, we make war
With us, come and cross swords
The bad guys will bite the dust
Under the sign of the Musketeers
We are all brothers

Michel Barouille - Under the sign of the Musketeers

Bring the prisoner!

Settlers & Indians:
Today you'll see them bite the dust!<fn>bring an end to them</fn>


Pocahontas (OST) - Barbarians Part 2 (Castilian) [Savages Part 2]

So check the rhyme
Now you can let the wind sway you
Blow you down until you bite the dust
Or you can spread your wings and let the wind lift you up
You can give in to die trying all your life

Theory hazit - Extra Credit

I know well those cries
That make you doubt everything
That makes you bite the dust
That puts you on your knees

Pierrick Lilliu - An Open Heart

in the warm water of your kidneys?

I will deprive her of dessert,
make her bite the dust
of those who no longer have anything...
of those who are no longer hungry.

Camille - The pain

Meant to break the laws of gravity too

Burn bridges, lose ground
Bite the dust for a while
Where's order when it's needed?
Do I want to

The Dø - Trustful Hands

You've shown me that you'll always keep it together for me
If you have problems, I'd die on the street for you,
'Cuz I'd steal for you, boy,
Bite the dust for you, boy
And if the cops bust us, I'll go to jail for you, boy,
Forget blood for you, boy,

Fler - Allegiance

I am the heir, my life starts where others end
I am the heir and you just have to bite the dust, aunt Erna
I am the heir, my life stars where others end
I am the hair and ou just have to bite the dust, uncle Werner

I order like a well-practiced high earner

Pudeldame - The heir

I want it all, all until the end
I could have raised my flag
But I bite the dust one more time
I can't trust anyone else
I'm unbreakable

Kevin, Karla y La Banda - Elastic Heart

Clear me of your kisses, you like like yesterday
I'm not your yoyo
Lower the masks and get away from me
You made me bite the dust
I give in, I'm sick and tired of mincing my words
I'm fed up of the middle finger

Claire Diterzi - The king of the forests

Sure of it

Take me back, take me back

i don't want to bite the dust
It is not right, it is not right
I have been through enough

Lilly Wood & The Prick - Collapse

Your desires create disorder
I have a few seasons more than you
But is there any glory in making
On old fool bite the dust?
Your desires create disorder
In the middle of this song

Cali - Your desires create disorder

Drugs to walk on nails
Drugs to avoid getting crazy
Drugs in the wounds of the injuries[fn]or "cuts of the wounds" maybe. The words are basically synonyms[/fn]
Drugs to crawl in the dirt[fn]"être/tomber dans la sciure" (be/fall into the sawdust) is kind of idiomatic, like "hit the dirt" or "bite the dust"[/fn]

Drugs tasting like you

Damien Saez - Drugs

The other side is on my side
Give me night I'll love you back
I do not feed the sharks
Watch me smile and bite the dust
You're healing in my pain
The other side is on my side

Yodelice - The Other Side

And yes, I do know that I'm slowly killing myself,
but we're going to die one way or the other, anyway, I fucking refuse to die from boredom,
but on the other hand, you can count on me 100%
until I bite the dust, you can fucking trust my loyalty unconditionally
Pulled the pin out of the grenade, I love my life
I roll heavily with my boys, my door will always be open if you decide to stay

Suspekt - See You In Hell

And even if no hand ever holds yours again
Take a little while to make your life a promised land
Take a little time to show them you will carry on
You did your best not to bite the dust
But then again life you trust to hell with the defeated
To hell with pessimistic

Viktor Lazlo - Promised Land

Are you a threat?

Nec plus ultra
After all the grabbing, it's time to bite the dust
Leave behind the breaches of my trust
Cleaning up the mess is up to us

Epica - Resign To Surrender - A New Age Dawns - Pt. IV