Blisters on my feet (hook) (traducere în Arabă)


Blisters on my feet (hook)

I've got blisters on my feet,
I've got one too many bags,
I'm on my way back home from work,
To pick my kids up from their dad's,
And the sky - it opened up on me,
The rain it starts to pour,
And now I'm standing soaking wet in puddles on the floor,
(ooooh) the rain the rain the rain
(ooooh) my feet they are in pain
(ooooh) the rain the rain the rain
But here I am still grateful to see another day
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I will add all the translations I have and the video of this song later today

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بثور على قدمي

لقد حصلت واحد من كثر الحقائب، انا في طريقي راجع للبيت من العمل، لا ختيار اطفالي من ابائهم، والسماء انفتحت لي، المطر بدء يهطل، اوووو المطر المطر اووو الم في ارجلي لديها واحدة من عدة جنط ، وراجع من العمل الى البيت لكي تاخذ الاطفال من ابوهم، والسماء انشقت لها وبدا المطر يهطل، والان واقفة ومبلله وينقط على الارض،
المطر المطر، ارجلها تتالم،المطر المطر، فرحانه جدا لان عاشت يوم ثاني
Postat de Kimmy23 la Joi, 21/06/2018 - 11:41
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If anyone is able to translate a lyric of mine into another language please I will be eternally grateful, I will also accredit you for your help in a book which I am writing about my project, which you may chose to include a piece of work or advertisement of your own in if you wish Regular smile - it is my dream and life purpose to learn to either sing or rap all of my lyrics in at least 23 languages! Teeth smile I did not translate this lyric, a friend did it for me so proofreads would also be really really beautiful. Thank you for reading