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Cowboys And Daddys versuri

  • Artist: Bobby Bare (Robert Joseph Bare Sr.)
  • Album: Cowboys And Daddys [EP]

Cowboys And Daddys

Verse 1
I know you're sleepy, it's time to go home
Momma is waiting, for you all alone
But I'll see you next Sunday
Let me dry your eyes
You know, cowboys and daddys, don't ever cry.
Verse 2
I liked the movie, the picnic was fun
Of course, I still love you, you don't have to ask me son
And I'll see you next Sunday
And let me dry your eyes
'Coz you know, cowboys and daddys, don't ever cry.
I dream some day, we could go away
I'd take you down to Mexico or up on Hudson's Bay
Are but only a fool, knows the grief of schemes
I've never been too good, at planning it seems.
Verse 3
Some day when you're older and the Cowboys grown
You'll know how it hurts every time I take you home
I wait for each Sunday with tears in my eyes
That's when Cowboys and Daddys, don't ever cry
Cowboys and daddys don't ever cry
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