Jeens Srinivas - Bommanu Geesthe (traducere în Engleză)

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If I draw a picture

If I draw a picture it looks like you, wants me to come near and kiss you
out of pity if I go near it ,it says" its heart is within you
and that kiss should be given to you
what's wrong in wanting it when I am old enough for romancing
I want to give it but shyness over came and stopped me
there's another time for it".
it says" chill breeze and making my lover to shiver in cold
it told me to entwine you like a warm hug
i know the trick to drive away the coldness
don't get tired i don't want your help
girl,you want me to go away .if I want to stay with you
how kind you are on me!
she's beautiful so my hear told me
don't let the world go after her
you don't know i had a companion
it's none other than my shadow
it will be tired if it walks with you ,my dear
don't be dejected you are only my shadow
i waited so long for these words
my heart is having so many dreams
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