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Bravo Cover

He is here again
again this irritating one
and the competition is getting a headache from this verse
we can't take you serious
billing like a MC-chicken
if you don't like it skip this track
it is top spin like I sound through the box
all the rapper talk shit because they are not on the block
where do you want to go? you are only a pussy slave
I am here again at the end only God grants justice
this is true fighting spirit and I am showing you what dick means
look you want to be close to me but regretfully you are very far
your whore without make up
looks like a jungle child
I am not rapping out of enjoyment but because I have too urgently
boy your penis is too short
your mama is a re- a retard yeah
you know your vocabulary but I can drive a porsche
and you look like you are straight from Notre Damme
I am twentyseven soon the greatest hits will follow
you are not disgusting no I call you ........?
so eat dick you know you know nothing
you want to talk to me? please only from a distance
that's the stuff dreams are made off
good boy because I am the boss you Gypsy child
your mother tracs shox
and she listens at the train station gabba
but I am and remain the first on the bravo cover
I am the first kanake on the bravo cover
look here is that not insanity mama?
the first foreigner on the cover
It is Sonny Black Werf from you favorite town
the first German rapper that ever was brown (slang for true)
because all the others you can smoke in a pipe (not useful)
I know that you all are still waiting but
I am and remain the first on the bravo cover
(vers 2)
and again he is here the good boy
you are a junkie but an important customer
the ladies love me because I am an athlete
I am in Europe the most famous Tunesian
your stupit lawyer is a pencil pusher
it is Germany I am here and the king of the country
I piss on your grave
because I am the sitting bull
King of Kingz
all my underground hits became cult
I am not to blame for the bleak situation
and I fuck each of you victims without mercy
you dummy make a face and I get rich off it
then I will drive a brand new 7 beamer in the parking garage
your wife will kick you out and you stand in the garden
boy just don't come to Berlin with your Jesus flip-flops
your mother doesn't want the dick with miroswita
she is a fat pig and swallows a big gyros pita
I kep my money here in a brief case
look how I just .......(?) smack you
Now Poland is open and you have hair on your balls
I have a studio and you don't even have the ..........................
o.k. that's it
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