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You were a child
the strictest from school
you were a little anchovy
Today you are fifteen years
and you weep alone locked in the bathroom
for the celebration of your birthday
All your friends
look in your living room
others made as actresses
you like a bundle in the mirror
don't stop
you cry and you see only your defects
You look and you see youself ugly
you get lost in your jersey
and you don't want to get out any more
Your breasts will grow
Who teases you
are only dumb boys
But behind those laughters
that seems like daggers
you cry and you mist
the glasses
and the mascara is removed
you look and you see youself ugly
you feel alone and defeated
and you don't want to talk anymore
There is joy in the living room
and nobody wonders where you are
they go away but i will wait you
holding these flowers
So that i can say:
happy birthday
ugly girl
Here in your diary
i read on the sly
your solitary pain
this is not fair
don't you know that we are friends
you cry and you don't realize that i like you
and i like everything about you
Ugly girl
You see that you're not ugly
growing up is always a struggle
the outside life is waiting for you
waittes for you along with me
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