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Morning Coffee

He poured some coffee
Slowly in his cup,
He poured milk
In his cup of coffee,
He added sugar
To his coffee with milk
And stirred it
With a teaspoon.
He drank his coffee
And left the cup there
Without talking to me,
He smoked a cigarette,
He smoked silently,
Played with the cigarette smoke,
He made circles
And calmly put
All the ash
Into an ashtray
Without talking to me,
Without looking at me.
And he stood up,
Put his hat on
He put his raincoat
over his shoulders
Because it was raining,
And then he left,
He left in the rain.
(and then I put
my head in my hands
and I cried, I cried…)
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Cafeaua de dimineață

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