Junior Eurovision Song Contest: Paris 2021

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest: Paris 2021

The 19th annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held in Paris, France, on 19th December 2021.

ALBANIA - Anna won the famous albanian competition "Junior Fest 21". She has chosen among 19 others acts. The 12 year old is no stranger to the world of showbiz: her dad, Ardit, is the host and producer of E Diela Shqiptare – a very popular weekly TV show in Albania.

"Stand By You" is a song written and composed by Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold, Sanni M'Mairura & Endi Çuçi.

Song languages:  Engleză, Albaneză

Artist:  Anna Gjebrea

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăRusă   3 more

ARMENIA - Arpine Martoyan (born January 10, 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia), known professionally as Maléna Fox is an Armenian singer from Yerevan. On November 5, 2020, Armenia announced its withdrawal from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 due to martial law and confirmed that before deciding to withdraw from the contest Fox was set to represent the country with the song "Why".

"Qami Qami" is a song composed by tokionina and written by Vahram Petrosyan, tokionine,Maléna & David Tserunyan.

Song languages:  Engleză, Armeană

Artist:  Maléna Fox

Traduceri:  AzerăChinezăEnglezăFranceză   8 more

AZERBAIJAN - Sona Azizova (born 25 March 2009) is an Azerbaijani singer. In 2020–2021, she participated in the first season of The Voice Kids Azerbaijan and placed second. She also performed at the Winter International Kids Music Festival.

"One of Those Days" is a song composed by Maria Broberg, Fransisco Faria, Martin Wiik & Hampus Eurenius and the song was written by Maria Broberg, Fransisco Faria, Martin Wiik, Hampus Eurenius, Javid Shahbazbayov & Sona Azizova.

Song languages:  Engleză, Azeră

Artist:  Sona Azizova

Traduceri:  ArmeanăAzerăFrancezăRusă   2 more

BULGARIA - Denislava and Martin is a Bulgarian child singing duo from Dobrich, Bulgaria, consisting of singers Denislava Dimitrova (Денислава Димитрова) and Martin Stoyanov (Мартин Стоянов).

"Voice of Love" is a song by Vasil Garvanliev, Davor Yordanovski, Vesna Malinova & Stan Stefanov.

Song languages:  Engleză, Bulgară

Artist:  Deni & Marti

Traduceri:  BulgarăEnglezăRusăSpaniolă

FRANCE - Enzo Hilaire (born 26 November 2008), better known by his stage name Enzo, is a French hip-hop and R&B singer. He was born in Yvelines, Île-de-France, but as his father is an airplane pilot, he grew up between France, Macau and Hong Kong. He plays the guitar and has singing lessons.

"Tic Tac" is a song by Alban Lico.

Limba cântecului:  Franceză

Artist:  Enzo Hilaire

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăGreacăJaponeză   5 more

GEORGIA - Nikoloz Kajaia (born in 2011) is a Georgian singer. He won Ranina 2021 and will represent Georgia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Paris, France.

"Let's Count The Smiles" is a song by Nikoloz Kajaia, written by Giga Kukhianidze.

Song languages:  Engleză, Franceză, Georgiană

Artist:  Nikoloz Kajaia

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăRusăSpaniolă   2 more

GERMANY - Pauline won the German national final "Junior ESC - Wer Fährt nach Paris?". After winning the online vote, the 12 years old singer obtained her ticket to represent Germany with "Imagine Us".

"Imagine Us" is a song by German singer Pauline, written by Alexander Henke, Torben Brüggemann and Ricardo Muñoz.

Song languages:  Engleză, Germană

Artist:  Pauline Steinmüller

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăGreacă   4 more

IRELAND - Maiú Levi Lawlor (born in 2007) is an Irish singer. He will represent Ireland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Maiú is from Greystones in County Wicklow and alongside singing, he loves swimming, basketball and is in the Scouts. He has performed at the London Palladium for the Britain's Got Talent judges and appeared on RTE’s Late Late Toy Show at the age of 10.

"Saor" is a song by Irish singer Maiú Levi Lawlor, written by Niall Mooney, Lauren White Murphy, Brendan McCarthy, LA Halvery, Junior Eurovision 2019 entrant Anna Kearney, Anna Banks and Cyprian Cassar, who wrote entries for Malta in 2018, 2020, 2021, and for Ireland in 2019.

Song languages:  Engleză, Gaelic (Irish Gaelic)

Artist:  Maiú Levi Lawlor

Traducere:  Rusă

ITALY - Elisabetta Lizza (born 19 May 2009) is an Italian child singer, dancer, and musician. She has claimed to be fan of Sam Smith, Bruno Mars and Måneskin.

"Specchio" is a song by Stefano Rigamonti, Fabrizio Palaferri, Marco Iardella, Franco Fasano & Roberto Priori.

Song languages:  Engleză, Italiană

Artist:  Elisabetta Lizza

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăGreacă   6 more

MALTA - Ike and Kaya is a Maltese music duo consisting of rapper Ike Mizzi (born January 2010) and singer Kaya Gouder Curmi (born August 2010).

Besides the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the duo also participated in Malta's Got Talent in 2020, where they were praised for their energy and musicality. They achieved 4th place in the competition. Kaya had also participated in Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest before as a solo act in 2020, with the song "Made of Stars".

"My Home" is a song composed by Cyprian Cassar and lyricised by Owen Leuellen and MUXU.

Limba cântecului:  Engleză

Artist:  Ike & Kaya

Traduceri:  AzerăRusăSpaniolă

THE NETHERLANDS - Ayana Voss (Japanese: ボスあやな, Hephurn: Bosu Ayana; born 7 May 2007), commonly known as Ayana (あやな), is a Dutch singer of Japanese and British descent. She won the dutch national final "Junior Songfestival 2021" with the song "またすぐ会おうね (Mata Sugu Aō Ne)".

"Mata Sugu Aō Ne" is a song by Ferry Lagendijk.

Song languages:  Olandeză, Engleză, Japoneză

Artist:  Ayana

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăJaponeză   3 more

NORTH MACEDONIA - Dajte Muzika is a Macedonian group from the North Macedonian TV program of the same name. The group members are Kristina Mukaetova, Anastasija Džabirski, Miha Gigov & Filip Popovski.

"Green Forces" is a song by Robert Bilbilov & Robin Zimbakov.

Song languages:  Engleză, Macedoneană

Artist:  Dajte Muzika

Traduceri:  AzerăOlandezăEnglezăFranceză   3 more

POLAND - Sara James (born 10 June 2008) is a Polish singer of Nigerian descent. In early 2021, she won the fourth season of The Voice Kids.

"Somebody" is a song by Dominik Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Jan Bielecki, Patryk Kumór & Tom Martin.

Song languages:  Engleză, Poloneză

Artist:  Sara James

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăEsperantoFranceză   6 more

PORTUGAL - Simão Oliveira (born 11 May 2007) is a fado singer from Arouca, Portugal. He started singing at the age of four, and also plays clarinet. He participated in the second season of The Voice Kids Portugal, airing from 10 January 2021. He went on to win the final of the competition on 18 April 2021, receiving the most votes through televoting.

"O Rapaz" is a song by Fernando Daniel & Diogo Clemente.

Limba cântecului:  Portugheză

Artist:  Simão Oliveira

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăGreacăRusă   2 more

RUSSIA - Tatyana Mezhentseva (born 14 December 2009) is a Russian singer. She previously represented Russia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with Denberel Oorzhak and their song "A Time for Us". Mezhentseva will go on and represent her country again in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Paris with the song "Mon Ami".

"Mon Ami" is a song by Dimitriy Korochin, Danú & Alex Davia.

Song languages:  Engleză, Rusă, Franceză

Artist:  Tanya Mezhentseva

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăPoloneză   4 more

SERBIA - Jovana Radonjić (born 19 January 2011) and Dunja Živković (born 22 July 2010) are a Serbian duo chosen by RTS to represent Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

"Oči deteta" is a song by Ana Frlin.

Limba cântecului:  Sârbă

Artist:  Jovana and Dunja

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăGreacă   4 more

SPAIN - Levi Díaz (born 11 August 2008) is a Spanish singer from Cornellà de Llobregat. In July 2021, he won the sixth season of La Voz Kids. He also won the first edition of La Voz de Cornellà in February 2019, in the youth category and additionally the audience award for most charismatic contestant.

"Reir" is a song by David Roma.

Limba cântecului:  Spaniolă

Artist:  Levi Díaz

Traduceri:  AzerăEnglezăFrancezăItaliană   4 more

UKRAINE - Olena Usenko (Ukrainian: Олена Усенко; born 18 June 2007), sometimes known as Ellen Usenko or simply Ellen, is a Ukrainian singer and actress who will represent Ukraine in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. She lives in Bila Tserkva and studies at the Katapulta Art Music School in Kyiv.

She has already taken part in the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest before, coming second in 2020.

"Vazhil" is a song by Olena Usenko.

Limba cântecului:  Ucraineană

Artist:  Olena Usenko

Traduceri:  AzerăBulgarăEnglezăFranceză   4 more


Song languages:  Franceză, Kazahă

Artist:  Alinur & Beknur

Traducere:  Azeră

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