come clean

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Idiomatic translations of "come clean"

mettre cartes sur table
راستشو بگو

Meanings of "come clean"


to be honest, to tell the truth

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Λέω την αλήθεια

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wyjawić, ujawnić, powiedzieć prawdę

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synonym: jouer franc jeu - batay în urmă cu 2 ani

"come clean" în versuri

Pink - Just Give Me a Reason

You're pouring a drink
No nothing is as bad as it seems
We'll come clean

Pandora (México) - How are you, my love?

It was such a small encounter
that I couldn't come clean
and tell you that I missed you

Rex Orange County - New House

There’s no one left for me to impress
How am I meant to know what's good when nothing good on the screen
It's been the same way for a while now and I'ma come clean
You know that I haven’t been inspired since, like, I was eighteen

Baek A Yeon - True Lies

The truth is, I like you so much
And I want to come clean
Would you hate me for it?

Ylvis - Cross-country father

(Too much or? fuck it, boys, lets get it on!)
(Hey,hey,hey) tightest chest on the globe!
(Hey,hey,hey) do you want to come clean the waxing booth?

MØ - Blur

But they don't understand the song
Under the bad bad moon tonight
I just need to come clean
Let me out

Chris Brown - Him Or Me

Your phone stay on vibrate, what if i? No, no
Too drunk too angry, gotta come clean to figure it out, oh, oh
She cheated, you're cheating on me, I know it

MADKID - Faith

Come clean 風向き (ah?)

Artik & Asti - Last Kiss

Shaking the emptiness
I won't finish this puzzle1
Let's come clean
Better painful, but swift

  • 1. Another possible, more literal, translation is "I won't be able to put this puzzle together"

Pink - Tylko daj mi powód

Nalewasz drinka
Nie, nic nie jest tak złe jak się wydaje
Będziemy wobec siebie szczerzy 1

Yelawolf - Till it's Gone

I ain t the money man, whith your money man, you ain't lookin' at me
I'm not the cheap one, lookin' at me son, you ain't lookin' at free
I ain't the dish rag, to come clean up, all the shit that ya dish out
Ain't got no check for em, if you checkin' in

Selena Gomez - My Dilemma

Your eyes have told a thousand lies
But I believe them when they look in mine...
I heard the rumors but you won't come clean
I guess I'm hoping it's because of me...

Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
As I come clean

Jekyll & Hyde (Musical) - Façade

They don’t mean what they say
They don’t say what they mean
They don’t ever come clean

Ledfoot - That's what you mean to me

You're a nuisance in my dreams
You're a stain that won't come clean
You're a lie I once believed

Flatsound - If You Love Me Come Clean

Is being brushed against your cheek
So if you love me, if you love me
Come clean

Slipknot - Disasterpiece

I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon
I wanna dig inside, find a little bit of me
Cuz the line gets crossed when you don't come clean

The Rootless - Before the Goodbye

Are meaningless if you don't say them right?
But I can't come clean and say it
I just realized it now


I try and try and try
But your pride has already got me tired
If you don't come clean with me
Then, how do you want me to listen to you

Ziggy Marley - Still Searching

Many are called but only few deemed worthy
Body have to physically strong and sturdy
Spiritually balanced fi come clean and purge me
Mentally advanced fi always urge me