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  • Sawako Kitahara

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My Boy Friend My My My Boy Friend
もう友達でいては いけないの
初めて聞いた あなたの噂
なぜか胸が ふるえたの
離れていきそうで とどめておきたくて
なんにも知らない 横顔は
やさしすぎて 困ってしまう
いつもふざけて 遊んでた
無邪気にふたりで おしゃべり
あの頃がなつかしい あの頃はもう遠い
My Boy Friend My My My Boy Friend
もう友達でいては いけないの
遠くに見つけた ふたりの姿
わたしはそっと かくれたの
平気な顔で あいさつできたのに
やっぱり愛して しまったの
こわれそうな わたしの胸
いつも仲良く 歩いてた
陽気にふたり 笑ってた
あの頃に戻れない あの頃はもう遠い
My Boy Friend My My My Boy Friend
もう友達でいては いけないの
My Boy Friend My My My Boy Friend
もう友達でいては いけないの

My Boyfriend

My boy...
We can't be friends anymore
When I heard people talking about you for the first time,
...somehow it made my heart skipped a beat
I was about to leave but I got interested and stayed
Even though I knew nothing about you, your face...
...looked so kind, I was taken aback
And we got close and always joked around
We would talk carelessly
I miss those days but they're long gone
My boy...
We can't be friends anymore
I saw you and her from the distance...
...and quietly went hiding
Sure, I could just greet you like nothing happened but...
...I had already had feelings for you after all
My heart was about to break into pieces
We always walked close together...
...and laughed happily
Those days won't return, they're long gone
My boy...
We can't be friends anymore
My boy...
We can't be friends anymore
   Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 12:28

Kitahara Sawako (born: March 19, 1964) was an idol singer active in the first half of 1980s. In 1981, she was selected as Miss "Young Jump" (a teen magazine). In the same year, she formed an idol trio: "Pansy" with Manabe Chiemi and Mitsui Hisako who belonged to the same agency.

^ Pansy

And then she finally made her solo debut on March 19, 1982, right at her 18th birthday. That makes her one of the infamous "flower group of 1982" idols (*idols who debuted in 1982, the likes of Nakamori Akina, Kyon2, Hori Chiemi, Hayami Yuu, Ishikawa Hidemi, etc).


About this song

This is her debut song. Released on March 19, 1982, it reached #25 in Oricon chart and sold 65,670 copies. That is the highest position she ever reached in Oricon chart and her highest selling song.


Her live performances:

^ in "The Top Ten", introduced together with Hori Chiemi and Mita Hiroko. Behind the hosts, there were their seniors: NaoNao and YoshiYoshi *cough* I mean Kawai Naoko and Kashiwabara Yoshie. The female host was Sakakibara Ikue (late 1970s idol).




In her career, she has released a total of 10 singles and 6 albums. Her total song sales (all singles + all albums) are about 166,680 copies. She was more active as actress, which she has appeared in 188 dramas (1982 - 2015, mostly as support roles, one episode only guest roles, one-shot dramas) and 9 movies (1982 - 2018).


She also appeared in "Sukeban Deka" episode 6 (1985)

^ (1:25)

pic: Saito Yuki and Kitahara Sawako in "Sukeban Deka"



Kitahara Sawako in one of her commercials:






...and decades have passed...





Kitahara Sawako, 2014



And....this was Kitahara Sawako in 2020


Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 12:41

Among all of Pansy's members, she was the most successful, but to be honest in her first year she was really popular! I mean in a ranking of 1982 idol debuts based on sales, she came in tenth (and the first place was Sentimental Journey by Iyo). But I actually don't like her early songs, I think I prefer her later songs ^^". But she has a long acting carrer, I mean 188 dramas? Thats still a lot even if she wasn't a protagonist in most

But getting into Pansy, heres their song that they never released commercially. They even held auditions to decide the pansy members, and Hisako, Chiemi and Sawako won!

^ Later re-used as the third single of former member Chiemi Manabe!

I wonder if shes still close to the Pansy members, Hisako and Chiemi have been retired for a long while I believe T-T

But Yukko looked so cute singing that song 

   Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 14:11

Her debut song seems to be in the territory of a B+ although quickly declined. She has appeared in "The Top Ten" at least once (seems like they also had special segment to introduce new singer just like "The Best Ten"). 

Yeah, I wrote that so people won't mistake her as Nanno or Saito Yuki level because numbers can mislead (*for example: Miporin didn't have that many dramas but all her dramas from 1980s to early 2000s all had high ratings and she mostly played the female leads. There's the quality vs quantity thing). There also seems to be some long airing dramas that were divided into a lot of mini arcs / seasons, she appeared in single episodes of those, but since it's from different years and she played different characters, so I counted them as separate dramas. Even if I didn't separate them, I think she should still have at least 80 - 100+ dramas. Even as support role specialist, that's still impressive. 


It's always sad to see people chosen into a group by audition, started their career with high hopes.... yet they failed to sell. 🥲

I'm kinda interested in Mitsui Hisako but haven't read about her backstory. But she looks so familiar. Maybe I've seen her in videos in Retro idol page? Or was she one of the "Sunday's"? 

Seems like Sawako didn't leave the group right away even after her solo debut. 

Did Manabe Chiemi also have solo career? 


Lol. We can't ignore this. Sato Kayo was too cute she could match Nori-Pi 😆

and Nori-Pi had met her in Sun Music boarding house before her death. (*Nori-P debuted in 1986).


Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 14:36

True, she also appeared in a lot of year end award ceremonies Miporin was one of the best idol-actress (same for Nanno, Yuki and Hiroko). She was on another level truly. I think Sawako is similar to Kokusho in terms of acting Stats

They didn't even sell, their song wasn't released commercially 😭

You might have seen Hisako (or also known by her nickname Chako) in a video that I shared on the retro idols part II page, the 1982 award ceremony one. She was seen with the other Pansy girls. Her carrer lasted two singles (one charted for 5 weeks in the oricon top 100 and the other didn't enter)

Yea, none of the girls left the group even after their solo debuts. I think she was also the most popular in Pansy

Yes, all of the 3 girls had solo idol debuts!

Let's compare them...

Sawako Kitahara

Most popular member in Pansy, so she was also the first to debut solo. Her height's 160

Chiemi Manabe

Also known as Tsuppari Chiemi, her debut had Haruomi Hosono as a producer! (Also why it sounds so good)

Hisako Mitsui (Chako-Chan)

Relaxing Chako, she was also the leader of the group

They were supposed to be the "Post Candies"

The biggest was Sawako ofc, and Hisako and Chiemi were the same level circa, just Chiemi had a longer carrer

Yukko, the little princess from a faraway land! 😆

   Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 16:17

Poor group. What's the  point to form a group if they didn't release any single at all. 😅


Chiemi's song sounds like something from late 1980s even though she's early 1980s idol. The arrangement is cool. 


Chakko, Nokko, Mikarin and Miporin, they had all kinds of cute nicknames. 😆 Chakko was cute! But her singing seems to be Onyanko level. 


Kokusho still casted as main lead in like 1-2 movies and several dramas. She has the best acting career among all Nyan girls. Her drama with Mo-kun seems to be quite popular. I don't know if Kitahara Sawako has ever played as the main character at all. When they were young, I doubt Kitahara Sawako could be compared to Kokusho (who I'd put somewhere in top 10 idol actress but below #5). 


Poor Yukko-chan. The little princess has returned to her faraway land soon after she came. 🥲 Her catchphrase sounds like a premonition. 😢


Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 16:46

Yea, I don't know why they never officially released it, but atleast the song still survives!

The arrangement is my favourite part! Since its from Haruomi Hosono it's to be expected, but it just works so well

Yea, her singing isn't the best ^^". Ironically, her low singing skills actually garnered her a fanbase at the time, and those fans are still active today lol

Yea, hopefuly she's happy in her castle up in the sky ( • ᴖ • )

   Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 18:07

Their company wasted their career. They created a group but didn't follow it up. 😅 But is that their movie? Seems like Pansy have their own movie. 


Now I listen to it again, the song even sounds cooler. I love the stage set too. Only she has color, her surroundings are black and white screen with the static. It's an art, like something that "The Top Ten" / "Uta no Top Ten" would do. 


Kitahara Sawako was surely there but I think Chakko was also included in the top 100 idols poll. Maybe those were her fans who voted her. 


Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Duminică, 10/12/2023 - 18:18

Yea, they had their own movie! It's called "Natsu no Himitsu", thats where their song Night Train Bishojo comes from (and all of that Pansy footage)

Fr, its my fave Pansy soloist song. It works so well! I'm sad that it ranked low in the top 100 TT. Even the two dancers are an interesting idea

I think I saw her in that list, ranked low but she was somewhere there. Poor Chiemi didn't make it tho TT