Cheb Akil - al3icha almamnou3 lyrics request

  • Artist: Cheb Akil
  • Cântec: al3icha almamnou3
  • Limba: Arabă
Stick to the artist name format that is already pe site. Please leave it blank if you're not sure who sings the song.
Te rog alege "Necunoscut" dacă nu eşti sigur în ceea ce priveşte limba cântecului
Alege limba
Versurile sunt prea scurte, ne pare rău
RadixIce    Vineri, 25/05/2018 - 13:56

You had added the "lyrics" of this song, but appearantly, the lyrics were incomplete and in Latin letters. I unpublished it and requested a transcription instead on your behalf.