جريدة الرجل الثاني (traducere în Engleză)


جريدة الرجل الثاني

أنا هنا بعد عام من قطيعتنا
ألا تمدين بعد الرجوع يدا
ألا تقولين ما أخبارها سفني ؟
أنا المسافر في عينيك دون هدى
حملت من طيبات الصين قافلة
وجئت أطعم عصفورين قد رقدا
وجئت أحمل تاريخي على كتفي
وحاضرا مرهق الأعصاب ، مضطهدا
ماذا أصابك ؟ هل وجهي مفاجأة
وهل توهمتِ أني لن أعود غدا
ما للمرايا على جدرانها اختجلت
لما دخلت وما للطيب قد جمدا
تركت صدرك في تفتيحه ولدا
وحين عدت إليه لم يعد ولدا
وناهداكِ أجيبي من أذلهما ؟
ويوم كنت انا لله ما سجدا
كانا أميرين كانا لعبتي خزف
تقوم دنيا إذا قاما وإن قعدا
يا مدفن الثلج هل غيري يزاحمني ؟
وهل سرير الهوى ما عاد منفردا
جريدة الرجل الثاني ومعطفه
وتبغه لم يزل في الصحن متقدا
ما لون عينيك ؟ إني لست أذكره
كأني قبل لم أعرفهما أبدا
إني لأبحث في عينيك عن قدري
وعن وجودي ولكن لا أری أحدا
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The Second Man Newspaper

Here I am after a year of our separation
Why you aren't extending your hands to me after all this long absence!
Didn't occur to you to ask? What is my news, and what is my ship's circumstances?
I am the traveller in your eyes without guidance
When I was on my ships, I carried a lot of good things
And when I came back, I came to feed two sleeping birds
And I came carrying all my historical memories on my shoulder
And current circumstance exhausted and persecuted
What happened to you? Is my face is a surprise you?
And did you imagine one day that I will not come back tomorrow?
Why did the mirrors on your walls look shy?
And why your perfume disappeared and froze ?
You revealed your chest and it was like a little boy
and when I got back to your chest, it was not the same boy that I know
What's wrong with you, why do you feel ashamed?
And the day I was here, vanity was rising you
They were be two princes,
The world be rises , stand and sit with them.
O snow cemetery, are others competing with me?
and does the bed of love is no longer be alone
The second man's newspaper and coat
and its tobacco is still burning in the saucer
What was the colour of your eyes? I'm not able to remember?
As if I never knew them before
I was looked at your eyes to found my destiny
and to find my self but I don't see anyone
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