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Thought Crime

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Do you, who is kind to others, understand this heart of mine?
It pleases me to put curses on people, that's why I've been writing songs
Appearing on a morning news broadcast has always been my dream
For that purpose I am sharpening a kitchen knife
The sound of shattering glass, the sound of ripping apart some kind of paper,
The evening glow of a sunset after a goodbye - are all beautiful, even you understand that, right?
Madder backdrop to crows' song
Right now even this loneliness is turning into sound
Your silhouette, tinged with setting sun,
Standing on tiptoes, clouds glowing red, "Goodbye" escapes my lips
Seeking recognition, wanting to love
Is that what they call dreams?
Make them come true while I'm just idling there, get to it, satisfy all of my desires
Does this world, which is kind to others, understand this jealousy of mine?
I'm always looking for an opportunity to cause someone pain
Striking streetlights with a beer bottle, the sound of thrashing a guitar,
Every part of irrevocable regret - are all beautiful, even I should understand that and yet
Struck by a volley of words
The winter comes in place of autumn still dear to me
The smoke will once again rise from behind the spring mountain
The summer breeze brushes against my cheeks
Do you, who is kind to others, understand this loneliness of mine?
I don't want to die, though I don't want to live either, that's why I'm writing songs
Because I think that the denouncements, a lack of hope and general disgust towards myself are all forms of upheld interest
I write songs that hurt other people
Songs without any substance, just like this one
I want to swallow up your words
I'll accept them not with a vessel, but with my two bare hands
Before I realise it, my throat will become wet
And while waiting for that moment
Madder backdrop to crows' song
Oh, my loneliness, turn into sound this instant!
Goodbye, a madder backdrop to you
Right now I'm waiting for the night
"See you tomorrow" escapes my lips
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思想犯 (Shisōhan)

Southeast Asian dudeSoutheast Asian dude    Miercuri, 12/05/2021 - 13:52

Just found out that 爪先立つ (tsumesakidatsu) meaning "to stand on tiptoes" has double meaning - 妻先立つ (tsuma sakidatsu) meaning "wife dies first".
So Oji-san did really lost his wife and is currently living in denial and grief.

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