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Ingrown Nail (On the Oregon Trail) versuri

  • Artist: Tom Heinl
  • Album: Pickathon Music Festival 2008 (2009)
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Ingrown Nail (On the Oregon Trail)

Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
Well, I headed west to start a new life
My father gave me one piece of advice
He said "Out on the trail, don't tempt fate"
"Always cut your toenails straight"
But I was a young, adventuresome lad
I didn't take the advice of Dad
We was just two miles outta town
I started cuttin' my toenails round
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
We was three weeks outta Little Rock
I felt a tinglin' down in my sock
I told the party to go on ahead
I took off my boot, my toe was bright red
Figured I'd ride on and it'd get well
But that toe continued to fester and swell
By the time we hit the open plains
That little tinglin' was a throbbin' pain
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
And that big ol' toe just grew and grew
Till my foot no longer fit in my boot
By the time we hit the Denver mines
That one big toe was the size o' nine
I can't tell ya how bad I squealed
When that toe got stuck 'neath a wagon wheeler
When I spilled hot grease in my fryin' pan
On that tender toe, it shows [???]
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
And the folks I was with was a friendly batch
They turned away when they had to laugh
But the horse I was on was cruel and wild
He'd bounce, I'd moan, and he'd start to smile
The pain was almost too much to bear
It ran from my toe up to the bottom of my ear
And under the nail, it was throbbin' and smelly
And it looked like a jar of my grandma's jelly
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
And then an ox stepped on that swollen knob
I couldn't catch my breath to sob
I tried to scream, I had no voice
I'da chosen death if I had a choice
But then I learned what true sufferin' is
When a rattlesnake came, bit it right on the tip
I was suckin' the poison from that bulbous swell
Knew I was walkin' down the valley to hell
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
We was short of the Pacific by about three weeks
I was dippin' that toe in a nearby creek
I heard a growl, I turned in terror
Eight paces away was a ten-foot bear
Twenty feet away was a loaded gun
But with that cursed toe, I couldn't run
There was no one around to hear my cries
That bear came at me, I closed my eyes
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
I knew in a moment, I'd be dead
All I could think of is what my dad had said
I damned the day I tempted fate
I shoulda cut my toenails straight
And I tried to kick 'cause that bear attacked
And when I opened my eyes, he was stumblin' back
That mighty growl become a whine
It was the smell of my toe that made him blind
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
Bear ran off with a twitch and a shake
I guess that toe was more than one bear could take
I'da had me about enough too
Traded in my horse on an Indian canoe
And the last two weeks was a peaceful ride
Floatin' down the river, my foot over the side
That mighty Columbia as cold as snow
I knew God put it there for me and that toe
Ingrown nail on the Oregon Trail
I got into Portland, folks scattered 'round me
And the doctor come out, said I had gangrene
Bulleted my teeth in a bottle o' gin
Took off my leg right above the shin
So if you're out on the trail, take this good advice
If you're sittin' 'round a fire with a Bowie knife
Don't pay the price and don't tempt fate
Always cut your toenails straight
Ingrown nail, ingrown nail, ingrown nail
On the Oregon Trail
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