Cut through

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Cut through (Engleză) — From penetrate something by cutting; to slice through something make clear something that has been made difficult to understand

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"Cut through" în versuri

Yes it's my part - no

A cry will ascend to heaven
It will cut through hosts of angels
Feather-flesh will shriekingly fall
From the top of the clouds into my childhood

Rammstein - My Part

And the voice, he did wield, on that glorious field,
When great Tamriel<fn>The fictional continent where the Elder Scrolls series take place</fn> shuddered with war!
Mighty Thu'um<fn>Dragon Shout</fn>, like a blade, cut through enemies all,
As the Dragonborn issued his roar!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (OGST) - Sovngarde

When I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord show me the way
To cut through all this worn out leather
I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away
But baby, I just need one good one, good one

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

My colours faded, I'm worn out because of her
Wrote her name in the sky with thousands of stars.
She didn't care, laughed and walked on by
I took the risk, cut through the mountains
Crossed the deserts and the seas to come
Oh no good, she didn't heed my tears.

Tarkan - Oh

[Verse 1]
You got the lights on in the afternoon
And the nights are drawn out long
And you’re kissing to cut through the gloom
With a cough drop coloured tongue

Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

/ for the shadow above the garden, where the sun never shined

/ for a silence between the walls, that cut through cement
/two pair of eyes in emptiness from september to advent
/ for a man that went to work, like nothing had happened

Lars Winnerbäck - Elegi

Spare a little candle
Save some light for me
Figures up ahead
Movin' in the trees
White skin in linen
Perfume on my wrist

Heart - These Dreams

We used to believe we were stars aligned
You made a wish and I fell out of time

Time flew, cut through
All over town
You make me bleed when I look up

Avicii - The Days

Come with
We're making an ascent
With my axe I've
Cut through the hawser
Give me your hand
And look forward to our ascent

Megaherz - Ascension

years have passed and I found myself

I cut through all of your negative inputs

didn't let go of my goals in the midst of the attacks and the wounds

Erfan - 100 swears

She has always been with me
Before she came she was already in me
With such force I have thought about her,
That it cut through space in a star
Responding to my love

Cristian Castro - With Her

Another discussion,and you yelled louder.I couldn't talk,you wouldn't let me defend myself.You threw at me with everything that was at your reach.You told me stupidities and my tears rolled.That's all I get,for giving you all my best.But someday I'll leave and you'll have to settle with nothing.I will cut through your soul with my sword,my sword of oblivion,my sword of oblivion.I will drown you,the way you're drowning me in the oblivion.And in the summer the cold will kill you.And on your birthday,my oblivion will be your gift.But someday I'll leave and you'll have to settle with nothing.I will cut through your soul with my sword,my sword of oblivion,my sword of oblivion.I will drown you,the way you're drowning me in the oblivion.And in the summer the ctheold will kill you.And on your birthday,my oblivion will be your gift.

Banda MS - My oblivion

and we'll take that ride
'cross this bloody river
to the other side
41 shots... cut through the night
You're kneeling over his body in the vestibule
Praying for his life

Bruce Springsteen - American skin 41 shots

The blood running through
But in order to get to the heart
I think sometimes
You'll have to cut through
But you can

Florence + The Machine - Heartlines

when you came to mind[?]
He and I
were already lovers
To cut through all the rest[?]
you don't know
it cost me more than ever.

Mina - And then

Take your shot
I'm wide open

Words cut through my skin
Tears roll down my chin
My walls crumble within

Christina Aguilera - Best Of Me

You never saw me change
The game that we have been playing

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men
Than you yourself
but if you must pretend

Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

Pardon( a religious festival in Britain) of Spezet, I went

A young girl, I found

In a large field, we slept

Nolwenn Leroy - Suite South Armoricaine

Once torn apart
Old order would perish

Tie of blood cut through by the sword
Separation determined by faith
Hate and envy, strife between brothers

Heidevolk - A New Beginning

I'm moving through minefields
An unpinned grenade
I cut through your barbed wire
A life with you
has made me used to it

Petra Marklund - Peace

Ensnared in the cold of a cathedral
a warning and a prayer

It won't cut through the white silence
under the leaden cloud
It won't lower the trajectory of its flight

Stan Borys - Imprisoned swallow

I'll give my life to it
But will do it not now

I'm taking a short cut through a long tunnel because of rain
I'm stepping on the gas, revealing my will!
Moving forward it's the best aim

Kipelov - Not Now

You’re amazing, amazing
You’re a-a-a-amazing, that’s what you are

Up to the sky, cut through the clouds
And dive back into the night
Don’t be afraid, you just follow the light

Danny Saucedo - Amazing

I'm not much into health food
I am into champagne
I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon
And cut through all this red-tape
At a bar called O'Malley's
Where we'll plan our escape."

Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada song)

This icy force both foul and fair
Has a frozen heart worth mining!

Cut through the heart, cold and clear!
Strike for love and strike for fear!
There's beauty and there's danger here

Frozen (OST) - Frozen Heart

Or do you feel alive?

Splinters of my soul
Cut through your skin
And burrow within
Burrow within

Karliene - Become the Beast

Heard the rattle from the train
Sounds of a hundred people, maybe more
Cut through the ropes before you came
I had a dream that you were gone

Angus & Julia Stone - Silver Coin

Out the many broken backdoors and windows,
Through the valley of the love of the lost,
Is a hole that is cut through the souls falling down from the thrones without leaving any windows,
But you drown in a piece for the moment,
The moment was over in time,

Gavin DeGraw - I'm In Love With A Girl

Gonna sing the song we've all heard of
Bout those two good friends that
shoulda fell in love
Later on we'll cut through the park
and she can hold my hand cause she
Hates the dark

Nickelback - Don't Ever Let It End

Your sorry eyes; they cut through bone
They make it hard to leave you alone
Leave you here wearing your wounds
Waving your guns at somebody new

Baby you're lost

Beck - Lost Cause

All those bashed-in faces
Running after a squandered life
All angry, all stuck, all broke
We want to use our scythe of knowledge, we want to cut through to success
But succeeding for the most part, means building your empire
So we stomp on that idea

Assassin - A touch of hope

Like drops of rain
Against me heart
Cut through like silver
And I want to make you feel that way
And I want to make you feel the way that I do

Evanescence - Say You Will

Cause nobody feels you like I do
Nobody kills me like you do
Nothing I take can ever cut through
I'm in trouble
I look at myself and I don't know

Adam Lambert - Underground

It’s the ordinary headline and tomorrow’s the deadline
So we don’t have time to waste on back numbers
Are you ready? Scream with all your might
Cut through the wind, it gets tough on stage
and sometimes it’s crazy

SHINee - Breaking News

Shattered dreams
Cut through my mind
Tragically our love has died
Memories confine my head

Mariah Carey - And You Don't Remember

But I don't know If I'll have enough of power
'Cause I have a heart made of glass and for sure
At any moment it can change into dust
I'll take a short cut through the burned forest
Through unkempt meadows and poisoned pond
My hand clears the darkness, my eyes plough dusk

Happysad - The grim reaper

The music within carries me where I had not been yet

Our-our temperature rises higher
Cupid's arrow cut through, and we breathe unevenly
We live in the rhythm of a huge, fast city,
Tonight is slow and expensive

Egor Kreed - Only You, Only Me

The black clouds I'm hanging
This anchor I'm dragging
The sails of memory rip open in silence
We cut through the lowlands
All hands through the saltlands
The white caps of memory

Josh Ritter - Change of Time

And in the most selfish way
You decided to leave me
Like daggers cut through heavens
A rain of endless diamonds like teardrops
You cry with eyes sewn shut

Ace of Hearts - Teardrops

Tell me nonsense
I don't want to see
I saw the lightning
Cut through the last winter sky of the year
Stay with me
Keep with me

Editors - The Phone Book

Do I owe you something?
I think I do
They tied our hands
But I cut through
In the arms of the potion
They found our truth

Molly Sterling - Playing With Numbers

Standing on a ledge, see the past before me
Pick out all the bruises one by one
Feel a little cold but there's warm there somewhere
But not where you come from

Staring at my face in a broken mirror

Nick Howard - Unbreakable

I'm in too deep, probably
Then again, how could I be
One two, she just cut through
Three four, what an uproar
Five six, she pulls me out

Milow - She might, she might

[Chorus: Michael]
Airplanes cut through the clouds
Like angels can fly, we'll never die
Sirens cut through the night
Like screams that are fire, rising up high
Like I've something to prove, nothing to lose

5 Seconds of Summer - Airplanes

Swallow, a skyborne sign like a symbol - unreachable
Lured into the cool of the cathedral, a warning and a prayer

Swallow, it won't cut through the white silence under the steely cloud
It won't lower it's flight under the golden plain of the meadow
This moment frightens me, when her freedom is stolen

Stan Borys - Swallow trapped

I’d love you
Until I could see that still there's life in you
I’d bathe in your blood,
I’d cut through your throat
You’d look at me, but you would not understand it.

Tankcsapda - Stolen books

I look up
to the firmament<fn>lit. "sky tent"</fn> of steel
and feel the longing...
[released<fn>lit. "delivered" in the sense of having the umbilical cord cut through after birth</fn> from this world]

Heretoir - Grey Buildings

You use your mouth as if we're arguing
Submissive and clamped
Pour gasoline on my spark and turn it on
So I can feel my facade cut through by fire
And watch the flames cut again in your pupil
Cause you're divine - yes, you are the woman

L.O.C. - #%!@ Me Now

It's just the curl of the burl

Splinters in my skin just like needles and pins
I cut through the pine, love the feeling it gives
Been out here for days, running through these streets
I'm using my hands, cutting through the disease

Mastodon - curl of the burl

I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass

Cake - Short Skirt / Long Jacket

Enemy surrounded us - but don&#039;t look up,
We went on making our blades glisten.
There&#039;s only two of us that broke through,
Cut through and left for the steppe.

Underneath me there is a black Devil,

Aleksandr Dolskiy - He Was A Son Of Northern Forests

And then four squads of soldiers came and carried him away.
Chained up between two watchmen, Peter tried to sleep,
But beyond the walls an endless prayer was lifting for his keep.
Then a light cut through the darkness of a lonely prison cell,
And the chains that bound the man of God just opened up and fell,
And running to his people before the break of day,

Amy Grant - Angels

We are the toned down image
Of what we wanted to be

Cut through the chains
That fasten us to what is vulgar
And at last everything is different

Amália Rodrigues - Handcuffs

Like a brand new blade
You cut into my life
Cut through two decades
Like a hot coal on ice

Sade - Tar Baby

Ice-cold wind makes me wake up
I don't dare to stand still<fn>or "to stop moving"</fn>
Because I don't know where to (go to)
I cut through the stratosphere
Does my soul have an anchor?

Todtgelichter - Neon

Whatever gets you through the night 'salright, 'salright
It's your money or life 'salright, 'salright
Don't need a sword to cut through flowers oh no, oh no

Whatever gets you through your life 'salright, 'salright

John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Through The Night

give me pain...

I don't get caught,never, you should remember this
i cut through the nets and escape in a moment
but you show me that you're not afraid of playing
and you're ready for each subversion

Vaggelis Zaras - Give me pain

Black enchanting eyes,
cut through my heart
with no regret or sign of life
They tear apart my pride

Avenged Sevenfold - Eternal Rest

For a mother who becomes sick, for a child that never came
For the shadow above the farm where the sun never shone

For a silence between the walls that cut through cement
Two pairs of eyes in emptiness from September to advent
For a man who went to work like nothing had happened

Lars Winnerbäck - Elegy

Awake at dawn I lay in my bed
All these memories
Cut through my head
The nights dissolving blanket
Hides the beast of day

Crashdïet - California

'Cause I don't wanna waste a moment with you
I just wanna dance the whole night through
Cut through the city on a Saturday night
Cause you and me, we're on the edge of a knife

Kaiser Chiefs - Saturday Night

I will unbreak you

I wish I knew you when eyes were white and innocent
If I could cut through time, I'd hold you close, make you mine
Stay where you are, and I will come for you, I will comfort you
Until the stars fall around us

Ryan Star - Unbreak

Bring the sacrifice
Swallowing this dish of steel
Diving in dry ice
Razorblades cut through your skulls
Painful as the pox
We'll break the fucken speed of light

Asphyx - Death the Brutal Way

Cut it out, get the abortion.
Cut it up, just feed my organs.
Shoot it up, cut through the bullshit.
Making love to her cadaver.
Like I said, I had to stab her.

The Used - Disaster

To save the future awash with sadness
Cutting through the flames, a blade to cut through the winds
No one else can go ahead without hesitation~
It's flowing through you...!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OST) - Bloody Stream

Missy was a swimmer in her own school team
Cut through the water like a fish in the stream
But when she got home and heard her mother scream
Put her fingers in her ears and began to dream

Kyla La Grange - Fly

If it is your will, I'll never say your name again.
But even if it is your will, I'll never forget your face.
If it is your will, I'll cut through any stone.
If it is your will, what ever makes you happy.
If it is your will, I'll bring Tibet to your bed

Hector - If it is your will

It's a lonesome point of view
When there's a wishful silence, in an empty room
These other voices, they don't cut through
In the lonely hour, I need you

Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour

If I want to walk home with you
Hearing every word, thinking it's true
In a barren field for us to cut through
On our victory lap 'cross an old street cat

Band of Horses - For Annabelle

I don't have a choice,
I'm shaken to the core
You cut through the noise
and make me yearn for more
When I survive, when I believe in you

Janet Leon - Heartstrings

Seeking, seeking the things you got in the despair
Wow yeah, wow yeah
I cut through the anxiety, it's brand new day

Can't see without light, confused about what is right


Beneath a flashing sign
Promising salvation to strays

Hear Him cut through the night
On those late night radio waves

Savatage - Jesus Saves

And if you think you've won you never saw me change
The game that we have been playing

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men
Than you yourself but if you must pretend
You may meet your end

Crish Cornel - When the storm arrives

I was grounded
While you filled the skies
I was dumbfounded by truths
You cut through lies
I saw the rain-dirty valley
You saw Brigadoon

The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon

In your driveway I tried not to cry

It's as if you had taken a pair of cutters
And had cut through the rope of my heart
I wasted away for a couple of weeks
A guy needs to swallow his pain

Les Cowboys fringants - Suburb

In the arms of a whore I made a promise
Sinking deeper into danger every day
Cut through all their shit with a brazen wit
Molding puppets from their minds of clay

Miracle of Sound - Halfman's Song

What we got is love even when the sinners hate us
We can not let 'em diminish or intimidate us
We sing out, we got the rhythm and the truth on our side
We cut through the divide and we do it with pride
(Wake up, wake up, wake up)
A generation of innovators unable to patiently wait for change

Jennifer Lopez - Love Make The World Go Round

Feast on the words of Christ,
For they will tell you all that you should do;

They’ll cut through the darkness -
Through grey half-truths -
And guide you safely through.

Christian Hymns & Songs - Liahona of Light

I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne.

I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon, and cut through all this red tape.

At a bar called O'Malley's, where we'll plan our escape.

Hupert holmes - escape (pina colada song)

I wanna cut through my skin
and pull you within
my heart burns like the sun
as our flesh becomes one

In the darkness,

Dead by Sunrise - Into the Darkness

Either you were beaten up or a junkie did that
Then I cut through night with a razor
Slicing what I didn't see
Then I cut through night with a razor
I've seen this movie before

Cássia Eller - I've Seen This Movie Before

All the elements they capture
Are more to you than me
A different dimension we've yet to define
There's a forest to cut through with thorns and vines
There is no reason to try

Skylar Grey - Curious

Closed hostels
Already faded ads
Machines cut through the roads
Where the summer rain doesn't fall
And I, who can't even talk to myself

Loredana Bertè - The Winter Sea

Cars in the night, cut through the mist
Baby suns for eyes, diamonds on your wrist
Twist in the scheme, a permeating theme

Poets of the Fall - Choice Millionaire

Feasting on buried dreams
And spreading decay upon your skin
His eyes spew forth a darkness
That cut through and paralyze
Casts light upon your secrets
Forced to confront your enemies

Opeth - The Baying Of The Hounds

From the harbor, I can see the sea A world brimming with light

Distant from the pier is a small ship; its sails struck by a lot of wind
Let's cut through the waves

Ding Dong Listen! The chimes of a bell ring

GAME FREAK - Slateport City (Bonus Vocal Track)

Neatly stained, fences and gates
Lions to tame
Cut through the front yard
You were a stranger

Women - Black Rice

In my standards, you all are like babies
Whether you call me wack or fake
Whatever it is, I’m a new standard to kpop
This rap will cut through your ears
A slap to your ears like a storm,
chop chop chop

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - BTS Cypher Pt.3 KILLER

Ya habi habibi

The way you move me
We cut through the air

Ya habi habibi

Therése Neaimé - Sold to Perfection

Run to the water
And find me there
Burnt to the core but not broken
We'll cut through the madness
Of these streets below the moon
With a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

Live - Run to the water

He can open up a cardboard box
He can open up a man

He can cut through leather
Keep you up for days
Give your grip on ice

Turbonegro - I Got A Knife

Straight lines that cut through the scene
like you wanted to, blue jeans.
Soft loans that spent all last summer
buying drinks for you, blue jeans.
Left hand that crashed near your house
in the ice and snow, blue jeans.

Ladytron - Blue Jeans

What's that for
You'll never get to heaven
With your shirt all tore
Cut through your finger
And cut you loose
Lost a lot a blood

The Kills - At The Back Of The Shell

you were my universe

sometimes when i look up i see stars
that cut through the sky and fade quickly into nothingness
and i pray that you aren’t as fleeting
because when we’re lying in roads i get the same feeling

Flatsound - you said okay

You're all out of tune

See the cars on the 95
Cut through them like a sharpen knife
Oh oh

Real Estate - Out of Tune

Still put a nigga on his feet and make him rich if you fuck wit em
Destiny ain't no luck just a couple niggas with felonies that I grew up with
Aww shit's what they sayin'
The shit we smoke cut through everything that the owners spray The money coming like every day
But never let this shit control me, fuck what the teacher told me!
Of course that weed I keep it on me

Wiz Khalifa - Samo

Light wins light as a prize...

Give me a mirror!, so that I may proudly humiliate (it),
A sword!, to cut through the knot,
More power!, oh, to shake the chains
Or a handful of earth, orally...

Superbutt - Orally

And wade down the gutter and the moon

The moon blinds my eye with opal cataracts
As I cut through the saw-mills and the stacks,
Leaping over the gully where I would one day take Lucy
Then wash up my hands in the gutter and the moon

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Moon Is In The Gutter

Of around eighty per hour
Pišonja told Žuga: "Fasten your seat belts, we're taking off!"

A terrible bang cut through the air
Even sparks flew into the dark
People said the next morning, and swore on their mothers

Zabranjeno pušenje - The ballad of Pišonja and Žuga

It's building inside
I'm thinking of when and where
Running down of time
So I gotta cut through

So baby tonight

Alexandra Burke - Tonight

And the bratty bullshit you romanticize
Doubt Doubt Doubt You, don't assume I'm faceless like you

Doubt Doubt Doubt You, if they let you slaughter a lump of meat you'd even cut through the bone
Doubt Doubt Doubt You, you really are blind to what's before your eyes
Doubt Doubt Doubt Doubt Doubt You

hide - Doubt

She's a dynamic, acrobatic, instamatic human tornado

She'll rip through your room, she's a human tornado
She'll cut through your gloom, she's a human tornado
She'll forecast your doom, she's a human tornado

Anthony Rapp - Human Tornado

when nothingness becomes even more desperate
a moving mausoleum of eternal death

a delicate cut through the heart of goodness
tyrants of an alternate faith rise in clarity

Abigor - Part I

And the men are confused, slightly aroused
Muslims, Christians preaching, wishing
I would shut up so the people could listen
Supposed to cut through all this noise
With my little voice, I begin to see that

Andy Grammer - Biggest Man In Los Angeles

I want you, don't you give up on me.

The nights away from you
cut through me like knives.
Give me your kisses
so as to fly me to the stars.

Nektarios Manikas - Oh honey, tonight I'm missing you

You can stab me; just for now

Smile - It would be nice to see light, wouldn't it?
I will cut through the darkness

TK from Ling tosite sigure - Haze

[Verse 1]
Open up
Feel the waves cut through me
By the sounds I'm breathing in

Karra - Make me move

Watching the wings cut through the clouds
Watching the raindrops blinking red and white
Thinking of you back on the ground
That willful fire burning in your eyes
I only halfway apologize

Linkin Park - Sorry For Now

I can't speak for you
I don't know your crimes
Your bitter heart has us entwined
I feel its edge cut through my mind
It could be you
It could be me

Devilment - Full Dark, No Stars

Soaking up your daylight
'Cause I know your smile will last for a while
But I need you more and more each day
'Cause I hear your voice cut through the noise

She comes and she goes

This Century - Everywhere Everything

"Silent Annie" was his great ship's name.
Like a token of love he spoke her name.
She sailed 'round the Horn, aye, more that once.
She could cut through the waves like a sharpened lance.

"Believe me," he said. His eyes filled with tears

Finbar Furey - The Lonesome Boatman

Like drops of rain
against me heart
cut through like silver
and I want to make you feel that way
and I want to make you feel the way that I do

Evanescence - evanescence


A blizzard hit with blinding force
The wind cut through the bone
And amidst the blur of snow
I found myself alone

Amon Amarth - Wanderer

Down deep into your veins all the way all the way
Down deep into your heart all the way all the way

Cut through
This razor wire
Mine 'til the end

Deftones - Hearts/Wires

My skin is soft like velvet but my nails are razor sharp
My scent is sweet like honey but I am diamond hard
My ways they cut through plastic, rust free my golden heart
This shit is so bombastic, yeah I am diamond hard

Kerli - Diamond Hard

I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah

I wanna cut through the clouds
Mmm, cut to the feeling
I wanna dance on the roof, oh oh oh, yeah

Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling

There’ll be no more going half the way,
You'd better listen to these words I say
Whatever ties they bound to me,
I’ll cut through them

Now I found some

Glen Hansard - Grace Beneath The Pines

Simply to see where the blood will flow

As you hope
That pieces will cut through the night
The very last moment of life
As I open my arms to the depths below

Snow Ghosts - Circles Out Of Salt

[Verse 1]
I'm so gone
Anyone could see that I'm wasted
You cut through
And I just wanna know what's in your head

Vance Joy - Lay it on me

I knew it at heart that I should take the first step
toward to break my shell and believe in me

The words of the girl without a face cut through me
like the water as cold as death

maya (asanagi) - Break my little world

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That's the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine.

An you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others.

And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about.”

Haruki Murakami - Kafka on the Shore


So they cut through my skin,
I thought I'd pass out from the pain,
They sowed me up and sent me home on the train.

Canorous - Servitude

Told me, try to sleep, I will come
But I'm still waiting for you
And wherever you are, I'm still inside you now
I'm never going to cut through without you now
If I get ascension or die
All the love that was mine denied

IQ - The Narrow Margin

Stronger than you and I
Am a wave
I break through the barrier reef
Cut through the carbon sea
Approaching the shore [x18]

Villagers - The Waves

Or will you also leave me
And run far away from me
Just like that I decided to change, but all my efforts couldn't resolve the falsehoods left from the betrayal; the wounds in my hear just festered
You stole my hope, sucked the dreams from my soul and cut through me like a stray bullet
Purgatory, Purgatory, how long in this Purgatory
Purgatory, Purgatory, My suffering is collosal in Purgatory

Doğuş - Purgatory

I will go where the stolen roses grow
To forget that I have fell apart

The thorns on the roses cut through my skin
The vultures flew down and then pecked
What lay on the surface was a tiny crack

Karen Elson - Stolen Roses

There's diamonds hiding in my hands
They're gonna cut through the windows
Ain't no one messing with my plans
Right now my star is in limbo

Jamie Cullum - When I get Famous

Tension building up and I'd feel so small
Some nights I'd hide under the pillows 'cause I didn't know what else to do
Started singing just to get some attention
A melody to cut through the addiction
And every song I made turned into wishes
Some of them came true

Jojo - Music.

But most of the marks stay close to my heart
Waitin' for the downpour to start
The rain clouds over my head got dark
And then I saw my angel cut through the storm
She was in a firefighter uniform
I close my eyes so I can see some more

Atmosphere - If You Can Save Me Now

Dying slow and painfully
A gasping breath escapes from you
I rip the flesh and cut through bone
You are bleeding

Six Feet Under - Bonesaw

Bound to the earth
This isn't goodbye

Cut through the heart
Mangle my veins
Till I'm no more

Mr. Kitty - Destroy me

I'll kill for you

Your eyes, they could cut through diamonds and steel
For real, they're sharper than the blade in your hand
They tell me you're strong, but they don't tell me what you feel

Highly Suspect - Bloodfeather

Playground gravel in my hands,
eyes that cut through glass,
thanks to what you are,
thanks to everything you do,

Thomas Stenström - Einstein, Elvis and I

I'm loosing hope
Your bound around my heart just like a body rope
Too tight to cut through
Under my skin
I'm sick of fighting battles i can never win

Livvi Franc - Automatik

The song he played was the Carnival Parade
Each note cut a thread of Cerise's fate
It cut through like a blade

Reuben was playing his painted mandolin

Jerry Garcia - Ruben And Cherise

I got into the habit of saying no
and I lost all hope,
until the sunshine cut through me,
cut through my chest all the way to my back,
split me in two with its discharge.

Supersubmarina - Electrical

Wields power granted by the highest God
Today he grinds his knife
It already cuts much better
Soon he'll cut through something
We have to tolerate it
Beware, beautiful flower.

German Folk - Grim Reaper

Born from the cold, wind and mountain rain
For Ice force deserves the determination of men

Come on, cut through the Ice so deep
A strikefor love and a strike for fear

Frozen (OST) - Frozen heart

Welcome to the "end of the century"- party.
We'll get a gun and a mask.
Wonder-rays cut through the lashes
We inject love-songs straight into the veins

Berry Sakharof - White Noise

You were like a dream, cause you never came true
You said it all meant nothing to you
Now you turn around and tear me just for something to do
You like to make it bleed, but you never cut through
You say it all means nothing to you

The Birthday Massacre - All of Nothing

We met within passing time
I believe in the me who is changing all the time
So beyond the point where this dream ends
I'll cut through our youthful days
fight your fate

Kalafina - Believe

Cut through a fraction, human's triumph cages
Projector burns with light into eyes with one slide
Newborn's floors aren't so pure anymore when you fall
And today, why they taught us how to stand in the first place, I won't understand
Again I split through messed up stacks of chill underneath my skin
Another offspring, people with smiles plastered on their faces, stop it.

Deys - The worst (Zly)

When I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord show me the way
To cut through all this worn out leather
I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away
But baby, I just need one good one, good one

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

Shadows gather in the center of Universe.
A fairy-tale turns into imperishable legend.
Fixation of dreams on wax paper,
And life is cut through by a steel stripe...

Fixation of dreams...

Otto Dix - Fixation of dreams

‘Cause this night is ours to conquer and share

I need that umbilical silence
To cut through this veil of doubt
It enters me tender and violent now
Is this the end of dreams

Soilwork - Petrichor by Sulphur

For the shadow over the yard, where the sun never shone through
For a strength that wasn't there, you miss mine, I miss yours

For a silence between the walls, that cut through cement
Two pair of eyes in emptiness from September 'til advent
For a man that wen to work, as if nothing had happend

Lars Winnerbäck - Elegy

I don't care how many times it takes I'll carve these heartbeats in the sky
I'll release all my light with hope inside my soul!
No matter the blood that will spill and all the tears that flow here still,
I'll cut through as if offering respects -
Just another day of staining this world red!

Jayn - Liar Mask

And thou seemed to be a golden-drunk who,
Having bared a sparkling breast in spate,
In the midst of bloody war fog, cut through,
Making way to gracious Heaven's gate.

Nikolay Gumilev - Death

It is only you who can cut through me with just a look
So I cover, shrivel up and lose all of my tactics
Of being strong, and being hard
That you were always able to be
I have to pull myself together, understand that I have something to learn

Razika - The two of us forever

There’s no escape, no turning back.
With a wild resoluteness they attack the castle.
The sleeping adversary is befallen with the voracity of a hellish tempest.
Swords are clinging and arrows cut through the thick fog.

They are storming onward, staring forward, never turning back,

Aeveron - Battle Of Retaliation

Pointed for the Höder the blind
by the jealous Loke
The arrow cut through the skin
And into the heart of the bright one

Amon Amarth - Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds

I chop up the limbs into small handy chunks
In my own way of sick butchery

I rip out the entrails, cut through pulsating flesh
Into the torso I grasp - deep - to tear out the rest
I divide into that which I like and which not

Necrophagist - Culinary Hyperversity

The warriors

Broken glass inside
Won't cut through me
Pain behind my eyes
I turn into strength

Cassadee Pope - I Am Invincible

Darker my love...

Lock me on cut through the ink clips
your words..cut through my pain,
the starscream where we live.
Your arms hold hostage and knives.

T.S.O.L - Darker My Love

He was building up a harem Aah~

Poison hidden by the libido, so tasteless
Pleasure hidden inside the blade, each time it cut through
Death was set, my blood and my sweat, mix in harmony
But then later on they'll shine a purple hue

Razzy - Madness Of Duke Venomania

I will send the locusts
No one has ever seen this many
And they will cut through every leaf
And they will eat every green!
The plagues will bring in the terror!

The Prince of Egypt (OST) - The Plagues

pouring the flow of existence into a cycle of doom.
Ouroboros is being beheaded in an unhappy hour of glory,
the vertical fissure is breathing, the world is changing its shape... Everything burns!
The dodecagram will cut through silence and then disintegrate into frost,
creating a growing[fn]growing in power; there's no one-word equivalent in English[/fn] third eye of consciousness.
The crystallically impure "I" is stabbing through the heart

Inferno - The Funeral of Existence

Everyone tells everyone how do you dare
Flailing around and trying to beat someone up

The sound of sirens cut through the air
Somebody here called the cops
We run as quickly as our legs carry us

Eddie Meduza - Booze Party of all Time

With a blow
that fish is gone

Then I cut through that there
That beast off its bone
Ah, mais oui (oh yes), the dinner will be a feast

The Little Mermaid (OST) - Les Poissons (The fish)

in your garden you feel an order of red grasses
and the rhythm of rain.
When you no longer hear the sirens and advertisements,
that cut through the night,
when we're alone
and the world is in between.

Melodrom - The advantages of madness and violence

Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud,
Their children's cries unheard that passed through fire..."
Open up your hungry blazing black eyes
That cut through stones and consume all hylic lies
Behold before thee the resurrected child
As I return to burn, in the crematory of rampant fire wild

Shaarimoth - The Fires of Molok

She'll weep till kingdom come

Behind the clouds a sun is rising
Cut through the veil
The beam is icing me

Orden Ogan - Evil Lies in Every Man

One by one.
And all the trips you know you missed,
And all the lips you never kissed,
Cut through you like a knife.
And now you see stretched out before thee
Just another story of a life.

Harry Chapin - Story of a Life

The soul which roots the matter of both Beauty and the Beast.
From what tooth or claw does murder spring,
From what flesh and blood does passion?
Both cut through the air with the pendulum's swing
In deadly but delicate fashion.
And every range of feeling is there in the dream

Van Der Graaf Generator - The Sleepwalkers

But I once crossed a quarter mile
Through black pools of razor wires
And cut through steel
With the edge of a file

The Wallflowers - From the Bottom of my Heart

I knew it at heart that I should take the first step
Toward to break my shell and believe in me

The words of the girl without a face cut through me
Like the water as cold as death

GUMI - Break my little world

This is my way to the stars
Because of this winter girl time passes differently
In Warsow, the old town
Destiny cut through me like a knife
And in my heart there is only a place for the one and only, that's it

Boys - Most Beautiful Girl

Our rise, your fall

And I shake and I shiver
As I cut through skin and bones
Can you solve the riddle?

iamamiwhoami - shadowshow

Cut through the clouds with the speed of a demon
I am as I was as I will be
Lord of this world can you hear me? I'm screaming!
God above all things beneath me

Oh! Ah ha ha ha!

Avatar - The Eagle Has Landed

The shadows and the sleep deprivation
The trichomes and the deliriants

Cut through the fear conditioning
To finally understand
It was all and everything or nothing

Chelsea Wolfe - Spun

We used to believe we were stars aligned
You made a wish and I fell out of time

Time flew, cut through
All over town
You made me bleed when I look up and you're not around

Jasmine Thompson - The days

Kick around, forget to be a lady
Fling the tea service straight through the windows
But don't whine, don't whine, don't whine
Get a big scissors, cut through the plush
Abuse the notary's wife by calling her a whore
Do all of this

Conny Stuart - Stop whining

These thoughts trickle down
Imaginary lines cut through the ground
These thoughts trickle down
Imaginary lines cut through the ground

So why am I waiting?

Trapt - When All Is Said And Done

La da da da you have a choice
Let love cut through the American noise
You’ve got a voice
Let love cut through the American noise

Skillet - American Noise

[Verse 1]
Cut through the country, speed through the dark
A child in a train, Tristessa departs
It's only the start

Steven Wilson - Transience

They said their blessings

They pulled all the teeth out with pliers in their mouths
They cut through the bone and left them without hands

Collected all of the bones of the albinos

Nicole Dollanganger - Holes of Albinos