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That feels good

There's this and that that is great fun
And feels good
And afterwards there's such a tingle deep in my stomach
And feels good
When you stroke me, I like it a lot
It wakes in me the desire for more
Even when you now laugh about what you did with me
That feels good
How you lead my heart astray
And how you move me
That is such a moment
Simply pure bliss
Because you are there
The way you kiss me
So gentle as you are
So can that be only when one truly loves
When I simply sometimes fall in your arms
That feels good
And you hold me tight to test our love
That feels good
It simply puts me in a great mood
I'm forever astonished
That after all this time I can still say
That feels good
And when it stays like that
For a whole life long
Then our love will certainly never cause me concern
So can that be only when one truly loves
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Das fühlt sich gut an

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