La Fokin Moda - de Calle 13 (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

de Calle 13

you got your shoes all mudded
with poop
you stood up a pile of cow sh1t spinach color
with me you chopped your legs off
resident calle 13 counter attacks
from being an insect you turned into a rat
a f*cking rat
cheap, pig, dirty, with ticks
Imma hit you like a mexican piñata
Imma hit you with pots and with (wash)bowls
I'm not your homie
Not even if you give me dough
I ain't your homie
You're a hog
You're tiny, you're manure
you should kill yourself and pop 90 pelco
90 valium, 90 palitroques
who's this silly motherf*cker?
residente your daddy, you f*cking rookie
I know I'm the f*cking fashion
Tu llegaste tarde, vete pa' la cola
Yo no tuve que hacer fila, lo segui de rola(x2)
this man strains
like grandma's coffee
easy, .......
slipping on my (shoe) sole I move forward
and you give me that dumb donkey face
your thing is tiring like a double sized field
I'm already tired of going out the big front door
I bite/eat your a*s until the rematch
with every word
this man slits your jugular
bleeding out through the main vein
and not even your bodyguard is gonna save you
this is very musical, so you can understand the level
where I party, Lucifer parties too
I write while eating, ...
writing I breath lyrics, that blow my notepad
and with balls I practice
that's why I chew you
I don't say it, (all) Puerto Rico says it
And I repair you and then wreck you
I got a couple fans that wanna sing
and they're craving to stick like gum
but they need practice, a new tactic
they're phoney like plastic surgery
there's a rumour round
that you're the most crying rapper
Y me las trago.
where's the fish
calle 13 wants a couple starters
Yo se que yo soy la fokin moda
Yo no tuve que hacer fila, lo segui de rola(x2)
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