Luis Miguel - Decídete (traducere în Engleză)

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Make up your mind

We were left alone,
they all had gone,
and there was hardly
light in my room.
I kissed you in the face,
I kissed you in the lips,
you felt frightened
and you looked at me without words.
Make up your mind, don't hesitate any more,
make up your mind, that I can't stand
not having you,
damn luck of mine!
Just make up your mind, my love,
make up your mind
and let's fly to faraway places
holding hands, make up your mind.
Like every night
I accompany you, again,
at half past nine
to give you back to your mom.
Then, alone at home
looking at your photo
I dream about your eyes,
in silence, without your love.
Make up your mind...
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