Heaven Street Seven - Dél-Amerika (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

South America

I start to look for my weapon immediately, when I hear the word "culture",
That woman who drove me nuts was so cultivated,
She didn't even wait till I got out of the place,
Some jerk came along right away.
Should I force a culture-smile on my face,
Or let myself explode, like a plastic-bomb,
I better put on my favourite record,
And sing it with a broken heart…
Son, this is like being in South America,
With such a young girl the world is all so bright! (x2)
What a terrible situation -- the family will say,
And they'll solace me so much, that I jump into the Danube,
Wish I had a pension, and a small yacht on Lake Geneva,
I would run away there (I would run away there, I would run away there).
What a posh fella, this lad is just for you,
They used to tell such things about me, but today:
A poor devil
Who doesn't feel like singing anymore (singing anymore).
Son, this is like…
Brutal carnival, even Death regrets this,
I'll put this in order, but if anyone starts to talk to me, I dunno what'll happen,
But no one will forget what I'll do,
That's for sure.
Son, this is like…
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Not a word-by-word translation, but I think you'll get the point.

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