Thomas Buttenschøn - Den med alle ordene (traducere în Engleză)

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The one with all the words

Im the wind blowing
i'm everything you read
i'm a thousand blunders
Ministers noses
and i'm in your diary
in the corner
i'm still second-guessing
i'm like Michael Laudrup
the column of the news paper
i'm everything you look like
i'm the guy who laugh
every time you rhyme
I'm editorial
just for myself
twisting the word
i'm killing the time
and i'm the gossip of the tabloids
i'm everything you hate
i'm bad records
and i'm piss-indifferent[fucking don't care]
i'm the crack in the floor
everything you miss
i'm a bumpkin from Jutland and im a fucking Copenhagener
I'm a parking enforcement officer in civilian clothes [vs civilian]
I'm new scratches in your car
I'm the wind whistling
i'm the wolfs howling
and the reason you are freezing
every time you are sneezing
I'm Loke and Balder
I'm standing at the alter
Because i'm Lucky Luke
and i'm Joe Dalton
I'm freedom and punishment
a new paragraph
i'm the one who is right
i'm strokes on the paper
i'm strokes in the bag
i'm the lines[strokes] at Nasa[Nightclub] by the sink
I'm the friend of the friend
i'm the one who is always there
i'm the one who is throwing up
while the other is throwing in
i'm pretty philosophical
i'm a little misanthropic
i'm aerodynamic
i'm almost satanic
I'm the thief who will send a 'thank-you card'
I'm the obituary who says finally something futile happened
I'm the wind storming
i'm the gods norm
i'm the guy who will come[cum]
before you come[cum]
I'm just like Kenneth Plummer
with half empty pockets
I'm counting inch'es
You can call me an 'ommer'[do-over]
I'm red-Stalinist
I'm capitalist
i'm the last guest for you to invite
i'm a thousandth mistakes
i'm the one in your mirror
Yes, i'm you [x5]
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Den med alle ordene

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