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It's useless trying to forget
for a long time in the life
You'll have to search
So small details that you
you're not ready to understand
but that count anyway to say
who we are
If you see another woman walking
in your way
and you remind when I was there
the fault is all his
the balanced rhythm of her footstep
are clippings of details
if not, why
you're immediately reminding
of me, for real
I know that another woman
is cooking up a cliché/set phrase
made by words as the ones I've already said
She looks crazy
I don't think she wants you
so well
Grammar mistakes
she doesn't make them
and without mistakes you never have happiness
and if you'll make love with someone
do it silently
because if you tell to another woman
my name
you're wrong
not everyone has the pleasure of hearing
talking about someone who isn't there
They are details that make you understand
that you think of me
Don't tell me that in you heart remains
almost nothing
by dint of details you're changing
and can be already felt
the little spark
makes the big fire
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