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The Dove

You never knew your father
Your mother was like a dove
She flew from branch to branch - Like Noah's spy
In the midst of the floods of human activity
Always on the look out for safe land
Hold me - hold me - hold me oh so tight!
Thus strangers became enemies
How they reached out for the dove
And the dove herself be caught
Hold me - hold me - hold me oh so tight!
With the suitcase standing in the door
A new town in the sunset
A new bed - a new motel
Hold me - hold me - hold me oh so tight!
She never spoke of your father
Only in this one night
As if through lips kissed sore
And with a look of horror on her face
she fell through the door and breathed:
Hold me tight
That town was stranger - That night louder that before
She was alone
Distraught in tears
She hid her face from me
The stranger knocked
And the enemy entered
I saw the outstretched hand
And the dove sick with fear
And I hit out and I hit out
And I hit out with all my strength
And I hit out at bones
And I hit through to the brain
The years have come and gone
I have not seen my mother since that night
A roof over my head - A bed of my own
And I love my wife and I kiss my son
For all the love that now surrounds me
I'll never forget the blood I shed
And the dying man who said to me:
I am back my son
Hold me - hold me!
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Die Taube

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