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Tell him yes

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I know well, Muriel, that it's none of my business
You kicked him out, and I respect your choice
But, he would like to come back... okay, I won't insist
He's my friend too! No, he didn't send me
It hurts me, you two went so well together
6 years living together but I don't want to defend him
After all that you have gone through, I admit it's sad
and I can't tell you how much he is suffering, it would be blackmail
Muriel I beg of you
I am begging you
Tell him yes!
Before you left him, he was living with me
I can;t handle it, Muriel, help me
He always wants us to talk, and to talk of him
The discussions consist of me listening and saying "yes"
The only moment of peace is when he writes to you
But after, he reads me the 5 page poems
He recounts to me your life in the smallest of details
What happened during your engagement
I'm a gentleman, I wont repeat it, it's intimate
Be reassured Muriel... You little minx
He goes and comes at any time
He rummages in my room while I sleep
I almost had a heart attack, I still have pain in my arms
He pretended to sleep so I wouldn't scold him
You know he's a good guy, but I don't want to influence you
He makes a good living, two is better to pay the rent
Let's face it, you're not terrible either
Look at yourself in a mirror, Muriel, you need to be clear
yeah, he has faults, he cheated on you, it's true
with your mother, okay but don't make it all about you
Muriel, my dear, I'm helping you because I love you
but we won't get out of this, unless you do the right thing.
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Comentariile autorului:

Most of it isn't word for word, I tried to make it as a seamless translation I could but some things like the "you're not so bad yourself" is a cultural thing, he was calling her beautiful, the french understate while in english we understate.


Dis-lui oui

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