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[Verse 1: Karuzo]
Aiyyo, the stomach is growling like a motherfucker
I smoke and am already building the next (joint)
Close the door, wander through the territory
Mark here and there, that I was there
Sikk is my partner, la Junya Mafia
The masters from mars, yoa, your rap is nada
The original, man, Mr.Watanaba
Get the blasters ready and shoot my plasma
As far as Kinshasa, undetected by the radar
Interstellar on the chase after bananas
For the motherfuckers, my Mojo protects me
You bundle your forces against us, but it doesn't benefit you
What now, roughneck? You flag, you are lacking the power
Out of every cell of my body the jail rap breaks loose
Crime is king, I blindly follow my instinct
You are bling bling, I'm bang bang, Genetikk is the gang
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
Da Neckbreaker Aliens, we come from far away
Encounter of the third species, we are from another star
The invasion has begun long ago and we march in
Out there is much more, you were never alone down here
[Verse 2: Karuzo]
Like the Indians, I smoke marihuana
Fly like a eagle and howl with the jackals
I see everything transparently, don't make a lot of drama,
It's chargeable, but Hakuna Matata
Sitting Bull, I do the monster dunks
My rap never changed me, only my bank balance
Goddamn, do you know, what I owe to these songs?
Man, you can do, what you want, but you can't get at it
And damn, yes, maybe it's because of the consumption of too much ganja
Bulletproof limo, our UFO is armored
And because of the haters we shoot with lasers
Da Neckbreaker Aliens prey upon the Predators
Selected from thousands, ready to take all losses
Until the only true faith in hip hop revives again
D.N.A., I trust in my immune system
My crew is fame, intergalactic, if you get me
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
[Verse 3: Karuzo]
My rap is science fiction, you wanna rhyme, bitches?
Spit lines? No, 'cause this is my shit, my business,
Two spliffs, no limit, my poison is pure and makes high
No woman, no cry, skywalker style, the darkest side of the force,
Secret signs, that distinguish us from our enemies
And now say again, that the third species isn't real
Our squadrons are on course, so hide away
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