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You are never alone

I can hardly remember,
how it all really was.
Only sometimes do the contours
of the old shadows become clear again.
But in the fight against time
they could not win forever.
Because even the snow of yesterday remains
still lying somewhere.
You are never alone.
The shadow always catches up to you.
Tearing you down at full speed,
Driving into the limbs. Come on, get up.
I have bled far too long -
heavily laden with guilt.
As sleeping is easier than fighting,
I have simply lulled myself.
With black wings in front of the face
Obsession took possession of me!
As a caterpillar incessantly eats,
it has completely absorbed me!
You are never alone.
The shadow always catches up to you.
Tearing you down at full speed,
Driving into the limbs. Come on, get up.
I pulled back... into a world,
where I was the ruler alone.
Black as the night, never real.
And I remember everything again.
and I remember everything again...
You are never alone.
The shadow always catches up to you.
With your back against the wall,
you've already run away too long...
He's tearing you down at full speed!
Driving into the limbs... Come on, get up!
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Corrections are very welcome. Each line makes sense to me on its own, but I'm not confident that my translation properly conveys the meaning of the whole song.


Du bist nie allein

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Engleză javario
azucarinhoazucarinho    Joi, 19/10/2017 - 05:45

Thanks for your translation!
Permit me these few minor suggestions (they are NO corrections!):
The shadow always catches you. => … always catches up on you
It tears you down at full speed, => Tearing you down at full speed
Because sleeping is easier than fighting, => As sleeping is …
posessed me with obsession! => Obsession took possession of me
Pulled me back... into a world, => I pulled back (I retreated)

javariojavario    Joi, 19/10/2017 - 19:18

Thank you, I've added your suggestions.

FelisaGarlandFelisaGarland    Marţi, 25/06/2019 - 13:02

Hello, javario.I very like your translations.I learn that "Mit dem Rücken zur/an der Wand," in german seems to have a meaning like "being in great danger", but I'm not sure what it means in the song.OvO

javariojavario    Joi, 27/06/2019 - 05:09

Hi FelisaGarland,

I am very glad you like my translations!

I think "Mit dem Rücken an der Wand" or "With your back against the wall" does not just mean that you are in danger, I think it also means that you are trapped. For example, if someone chases you into a corner or dead end, then you turn to face them, you literally have your back against the wall! You cannot run anymore, so you must either find another way to escape, or you must confront your attacker!

I think the meaning of this song is similar. He sings that you are being chased by a shadow, and in the choruses he urges you to get up and keep running. The last chorus is different, though. He says that you have been running for a long time, and you are in danger and trapped with your back against the wall, so the situation seems hopeless. But in the last 2 lines he reminds you that the shadow is chasing you, and that you must get up and keep going!

That is the way I understand the song. I hope that helps, but if not, let me know and I can try to explain it in a different way!

FelisaGarlandFelisaGarland    Joi, 27/06/2019 - 14:08

Javario thanks a lot for your clear explanation and help, I understand now~