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Ecos de amor (traducere în Engleză)

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Echoes of Love

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I woke up in the dark
Still thinking about you
You left a trace on my pillow
I'm seeing your face in front of me
Feeling you're still here
My whole body misses you
I can see your shadow on the moon
Whenever my memories light you up
All words are already worn out
What's left between you and me isn't enough for my heart
And from my chest, your memory echoes
Everything that's left of us are echoes of love...
I'm losing my mind
You speak to me through any song
Your name is on every word
You're so close yet so far
I'm just holding on to a reflection, I'm losing you
All words are already worn out...
Echoeing a bit louder every time
Echoeing louder and I can't get used to it
All words are already worn out...
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Ecos de amor

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