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Simple Song

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Sometimes I miss,the marijuana,
As the princess of Do Juan,if
From the balcony looks him in the eye,
Attracts it, than bee the honey.
The kid who you saw already,
And I knew it well, he hates himself,
But I would not have believed it after all, that his end
He takes out his pistol.
It's just a simple song
That doesn't want anything,sometimes,so is needed
It's jus t a simple song,that doesn't want anything
But more than that I can not reveal.
The sounds of some sad melody silently
They haunt through nights.
They're with me and together
We are humming the song of the death:That this the love for me
Not the may,I am glad if I outlive it somehow.
The love only a rotten magus,
I castrate it anyway if I catch it.
It's just...
Aeroplanes,oceans,the grasses
The trees,the fields,the flowers
The strange dreams,what i can see
If you wait with a night vainly once.
It's just...
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Egyszerű dal

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