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Simple Song

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Sometimes I need marijuana so much
As the princess needs Don Juan
If she looks him in the eye from the balcony, she feels attracted to him
As honey does the bees, and that guy
Whom you already saw and I knew well he hates himself
But I wouldn't have thought after all
That he brings out his pistol in the end
This is only a simple song
It doesn't want anything, sometimes this kind of them is needed
This is only a simple song, it doesn't want anything
But I can't reveal more than this
Sounds of some kind of sad melody
Haunt me softly night after night
They're with me and we keep humming
the song of death: that this is the love for me
Not May, I'll be glad if I survive it somehow
Love is just a damned magus
If I'll catch it I'll castrate it anyway
Ref.: This is only a ...
Airplanes, oceans, the weed
The trees, the meadows, the flowers
The strange dreams that I see
If some day you'll be waiting for me at night in vain
Ref.: This is a simple song ...
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Egyszerű dal

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