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The Love of My Life

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I don't know how it started
I only know that it happened
Maybe it was without me realising it
I couldn't see the light
until I closed my eyes
and I awoke thinking about you
Sometimes it seems to me
that everything is crazy
Like a dream that makes no sense
And while you are far away
I wait here for you always
that our love will come back to being
because I could understand
that you are the love of my life
my heart tells me not to forget you
Now I have a reason to exist, to live
and I can be happy, because now I know
that you are the love of my life
my heart tells me not to forget you
because I have a hope to share, I can say
what I feel is truthful, uh-uh-uh
Today I see the sun shine
and in my mind your memory
is growing each day
So that you can return
to find me in your path
and be the centre of my life
Maybe I will propose to you
the magic adventure
of being together forever
That you are the one who hopes
in every sundown
and discovers in a star
so I can repeat to you
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Comentariile autorului:

The last four lines I struggled with and they make no sense to me.

I was so close >_


El Amor De Mi Vida

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