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In the Amazon rainforest, the first woman
and the first man looked at each other with curiosity.
It was a funny thing, what they had between their legs.
- Were you cut?- asked the man.
- No - replied her - It has always been like this.
He examined her closely. Scratched his head.
There was a gaping wound there. And he said:
- Don't eat cassava, or babanans, or any fruit
that splits open upon maturing. I will cure you.
Lie down in the hammock and rest.
She complied. Patiently, she drank the herbal concoctions and
allowed him to apply the pomades and poultices.
She had to grit her teeth not to laugh,
when he said- don´t worry.
She liked the game, although she was growing tired
of fasting and spending her days lying on the hammock.
The memories of fruits made her mouth water.
One afternoon, the man came in running
through the forest.
He jumped, ecstatic, and cried:
- I found it! I found it!
He had just seen the male monkey curing the female one
on a treetop.
-It goes like this- said the man, approaching the woman.
When the long embrace ended, a musky scent
of flowers and fruits flooded the air.
Of the bodies, lying together, came off vapours and bright lights
never before seen, and such was their beauty that
both suns and gods were overcome with shame.
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El amor

Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    Marţi, 04/09/2018 - 03:45

Thanks Mario.
Very good English.
I suggest:
Lie down (on) in the hammock and rest.