El hombre light (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

The light man

He smokes cigarrettes of a brand with low nicotine,
he drinks his decaffeinated coffee and with sacarine.
And he adds skim low-calories milk
And Bitter-Sin is his apperitif every noon
He's a light man, and he feels light.
All in him is light, light, light...
He eats everyday an decarnified burger
Because the t-bone and the fillet are tacky
He waters everyday his rose bushes with deodorant
He has a stuffed parakeet so it can't sing
He knows nothing of what he has to know
He takes nothing of what he has to take
He has nothing of what he has to have
Nothing is real, all is so light
As prophylaxis he uses to make love with a helmet
He always grabs it with a glove because it disgusts him
And he is active in a light delefted left-wing party
Low is so many things that it has nothing of left at all.
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El hombre light