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Ready for war

Your glance is my detonator
the feet leave the floor, we are at less than a pam 1
The pulsing goes through us with the power of lightning
the lit up voice tunes a song that never dies
Let's burn the night
Love ready for war
Let's break the bed
Love goes to our heads
and explodes like a great big bang
The dream that pushes us is stronger than fear
The whole univers vibrates at one sound's mercy
Today reality beats fiction
Today we forget the world and who we are
And higher, crossing the bluest sky
your star is waiting for you
we will go there together, feel the heart at peace
and the most beautiful light will fill us up.
  • 1. A catalan name for the lenght between your pinky finger and your thumb. It was standarized to 20 cm.
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En peu de guerra

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