Bluebeat "Dans Le Soleil" (French to English)

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I know that the lyrics are supposed to be entered here; I wish I could oblige, but despite several hours on google spanned over the course of a couple years, I simply cannot find the lyrics, either in French or (obviously) English. I would try to phonetically transcribe the audio, but given French's peculiar system of silent letters and pronunciation, I would inevitably butcher the song so bad I would be laughed off the intertubes once and for all.

Sufficient to say, this is a rather obscure song by an obscure (Italian?) artist; I'm coming up empty. Please help, o blessed linguists! I regret I can only offer a youtube link to the song, but hopefully you'll take pity on me (There's a Kirby dance in it for ya =-) ).

^_^)> ^_^)>

You'll receive the other half of your Kirby dance upon completion! ^_^ v