Can you recommend some good german music???

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Hello all,

Can any one recommend some good german music???

I know and like Seeed (Aufstehn! great song) and Peter Fox, im looking for preferably reggae / dancehall / hiphop... or anything really if its good.

Thanks very much, and thanks for all the translations...

I speak fluent french so if there's anything anyone needs translating id be glad to contribute...


S-a alăturat: 03.03.2010

If you like dance/hip-hop, try Jan Delay [Mercedes Dance (2007) or Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Soul (2009)].

If you like Urban, Culcha Candela is the way to go [Culcha Candela (2007) or Schöne Neue Welt (2009)].

Marquess is a German group that sings primarily in Spanish: I love their Frenetica CD (2007).

That's for starters....let me know if you want other suggestions.

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S-a alăturat: 16.02.2010

I suggest you my favorite German song (cuz I don't listen to much of it) :
Schwarz zu Blau by Peter Fox

And the translations here :
Enjoy Teeth smile

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S-a alăturat: 28.02.2009

Matching your style, I like Sabrina Setlur and the silly Yvonne Catterfeld, who is lightly influenced by R'n'B Regular smile

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S-a alăturat: 17.01.2010

ROFL, I remember Sabrina Setlur with these Rödelheim boys...("Schwester S"),
Catterfeld I know only as an actress up to now, might be interesting to hear her sing ;-)

Well, what to recommend you: Fettes Brot, Fanta4, H-Blockx (have to check the spelling),
Hans Söllner (the anarchic Bavarian Rastaman)

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S-a alăturat: 23.09.2010

Try Marteria (or Marsimoto). He is a rapper from Rostock/Berlin and really good, especially if you understand the lyrics

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S-a alăturat: 17.01.2010

Jennifer Rostock are also good, seen them last year at the Spring On Festival ;-)

S-a alăturat: 13.10.2011

Duet Alkor – dance a single "Super tra-lja-lja" («Супер тря-ля-ля»):

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S-a alăturat: 17.11.2011

Oh Well, I quite like Tim Bendzko but that's pop music. You could try Jennifer Rostock or maybe Laserkraft 3D. Then Casper, he's very good =)

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S-a alăturat: 30.12.2011

Try Blumio! I really adore him because of his witty and funny lyrics.

Other great artists are: Clueso, Ryo, Max Herre and of course Casper and Marteria.

S-a alăturat: 11.01.2012

These are mainly pop, but they're pretty good. I can post more if you would like.
Cassandra Steen
-Darum Leben Wir
-Gebt Alles
Frida Gold
-Wovon Sollen wir Träumen?
Tim Bendzko
-Nur noch Kurz die Welt Retten
-Vergiss Mich
-Ich bin meine eigene Frau
-Nicht wie ihr
-Wie konntest du nur

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S-a alăturat: 14.01.2012

And i like Christina Stürmer, LaFee und Ich&Ich

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S-a alăturat: 22.04.2011

Give these guys a listen as well:

-Soehne Mannheims


-Wir Sind Helden

-Xavier Naidoo

S-a alăturat: 11.10.2010

ginada marteria is dope!!

chefket and amewu are really good german rappers out of berlin. you can find almost all their songs on youtube

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S-a alăturat: 16.02.2011

I guess it's only about artists singing German? Well, there are quite a few....

I can recommend (not only the music but also the lyrics of) :
Prezident (Rap)
Annett Louisan (Singer Songwriter/Pop)
Rosenstolz (Chanson/Pop-Rock)
Max Raabe & Palast Orchester (20s/30s Pop/Cabaret)
Peter Schilling (New Wave)
Steinwolke (New Wave/Electropop)
Das Niveau (Singer Songwriter/Acoustic Rock)
Versengold (Medieval Folk Rock)
Die Streuner (Medieval Folk Rock)
Nachtgeschrei (Medieval Folk Rock)
Knorkator (Industrial Rock)
Coppelius (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Ignis Fatuu (Medieval Folk Rock/Metal)
Asenblut (Pagan Metal)
Riger (Pagan Metal)
Valadir (Pagan Metal)
Wolfchant (Pagan Metal) (also many english lyrics)
Tarabas (Melodic Death/Pagan Metal)
Agrypnie (Black Metal)
Dornenreich (Black Metal)
Fjoergyn (Black Metal)
Todtgelichter (Black Metal)
Jack Slater (Death Metal)
Excrementory Grindfuckers (Grindcore)
Empyrium (Neofolk) (also many english lyrics)

and a lot more xD

S-a alăturat: 25.09.2012

An Deiner Seite by Unheilig

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S-a alăturat: 09.09.2012

I love Fertig, Los!, and they were actually one of the reasons i started learning German. They have 2 albums out as of now, and each is different, If you want a more laternative sound, go with their first one, which is "das Herz ist eim Sammler", (I dont know what that means, i only started learning german a few months ago, and verty slowly at that) but if youlike more of a pop-rock sound like me, go with their second, which is "Plaene fuer die Zukunft" (sorry, no Umlauts on this keyboard ;D )

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S-a alăturat: 23.06.2011


You're getting your Nenas mixed up.

Nina Hagen:

Nena and 99 Luftballons:

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S-a alăturat: 16.02.2011
dukepayen wrote:

(if you’re soooo 90s and buying a CD, lol).

I hope you mean that ironically. At least in the less mainstreamy music scenes people still normally buy CDs. I'd never pay for just the MP3s (except a band only sells their music digitally, and even then...).
I'd maybe call it 90s to buy vinyl btw, even though I can understand all these people that still do.

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S-a alăturat: 19.10.2012

I like Philipp Poisel's music! Is there more artists like this one in german music scene?

S-a alăturat: 01.10.2011


Well, thats a thing I cant really say..
There are many artists who sing songs like he does, with the same meaning etc. but everyone's unique I think!

I would say "Bakkushan" (with songs like ,Nur die Nacht' is a bit like Philipp, or bands like Jupiter Jones, Wir sind Helden.. Wink smile

Ich mag deine Auswahl an Bands..^^ Grad Ignis Fatuu z.B. ^^

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S-a alăturat: 19.10.2012

Thanks! Regular smile

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One great group, that unfortunately broke up a short time ago, are the "Wise Guys". They have really good lyrics that actually also are about a lot of german culture. How come noone has mentioned them until now?"!

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S-a alăturat: 26.10.2015
Konstantine wrote:

I like Philipp Poisel's music! Is there more artists like this one in german music scene?

Andreas Bourani, Xavier Naidoo, Söhne Mannheims, Sarah Connor (the native language stuff).
You might also like Rosenstolz or Silbermond.

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S-a alăturat: 26.10.2015

From my personal preference (excluding those already mentioned before):

Hip hop/rap:
* Kool Savas
* Samy Deluxe

Hip hop/rap parody (often better than the real thing):
* Jan Böhmermann
* 50 Sven

* Klee
* Gregor Meyle
* Adel Tawil (both solo and his work with Ich & Ich)
* 2raumwohnung

* Tocotronic
* AnnenMayKantereit

* Roland Kaiser
* Katja Ebstein
* Howard Carpendale

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