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S-a alăturat: 18.01.2011
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Don't know if others have the same experience but none of the video clips that I placed with my songs work right now. After a few seconds, all close down the site! I reloaded the video again but the same thing happened. Please attend to this. Thanks.

S-a alăturat: 27.04.2005

I can see the video on this page, for example https://lyricstranslate.com/en/Edmundo-Rivero-Jacinto-Chiclana-lyrics.html

What kind of browser do you use and what is a version of it?

S-a alăturat: 18.01.2011

Thanks for the prompt response.

IE Version 9.0.8. I see it too but for 2 seconds then a pop-up says "Internet Explorer has stopped working" and closes. Same thing happens if I reload the video clip, as I mentioned earler.

S-a alăturat: 18.01.2011

One thing I just noticed that might help you. Every U-Tube clip that I embedded inside a private message to a friend, works just fine.

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S-a alăturat: 22.04.2011

Since the site change, I noticed all the YT vids I've posted under the author's comments are no longer there -- using Chrome.

S-a alăturat: 27.05.2008

Could you give us a link? Videos are available if you add them with

tag, just checked in Chrome.

S-a alăturat: 24.10.2011

Maybe the videos you've added are banned by the YouTube users who had uploaded them

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