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Hello, I'm here to make translations great again!

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S-a alăturat: 21.10.2017
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My name is Stepan, I'm from Russia. My hobby is to make poetic translations of my favourite songs from English to Russian and from Russian to English. Always trying to be creative in my translations and find non-standard moves.
Welcome to my profile Regular smile
P. S. Could you give some advice how to make translations more visible? I noticed that when I don't put tags on them, they get more views. Does it work that way?

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S-a alăturat: 07.03.2019

Hi, Stepan.

The best way to get views is to translate the most popular songs, preferably new hits. K-Pop is the best.

If there are several translations posted for the same song, then the one with the highest rating (in # of stars) will be on top of the pile. If no ratings were given, then the most recent one occupies the first position, until it gets replaced by a new one.

Tags might attract some views, but in reality they do not. Tags are abused on this site, you will see users that will put E,M,P,R,S on ALL their translations, regardless of the content. I personally will never read such translations. Many users stated that they never read translations with tags, since they are not accurate, and mean nothing to them. Please use your tags mindfully.

The proven way to generate some attention to your work is via the social aspect of this site. Comment and click the "Like/Thank you" button on other users' translation, participate in discussions, etc. There is a relatively small group of active users on Rus-LT, you will see them daily in the Activity block (you can turn on/off this block in your account settings).

Try to make some friends, if they will add you, they will see your activity in their feed (that may include your comments, your new translations, etc.) Likewise, you will be able to track theirs.

The last measure is to mark your translations for Proof-reading. I used this a lot during my first year, with no results, since in six months or so there was only one Rus-Eng proofreader, who is not active anymore.

Good luck.

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Welcome to the community, Stepan.

Getting more views in translations depends on several factors. Most of my translations have around 10 views at all and as a whole I receive around 1000 views per day. Of course, I don't usually translate popular songs which would be target of attention, which explains that. However, special songs, like those which are in big music festivals like the ESC may attract more views. I've also noticed ratings and comments attract them as well, so you can ask for proofreading to listen to other people who speak the same languages as you.


Hi Stephan, nice to meet you here for the first time, although you are member since long. I can only support, what Schnurrbrat said before: Try to participate more, the Russian LT-community is great and very kind and helpful. Moreover, my friends have always inspired and supported me very much.

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S-a alăturat: 21.10.2017

Thank you all for the tips!
I'll be glad to communicate with others and get recommendations about my translations.
Back in 2017 it was my single modest attempt to upload a translation, and now I've started doing it at the full swing Regular smile

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S-a alăturat: 19.07.2018

It’s also a good idea to create collections - you can find people that have similar taste in songs and let them find you. You can also add your own poetry and performances!
Best wishes.


Oh, Deanna, this reminds me of your beautiful collections where you got the LT users together, like here. You have always been my role model in bringing people together in such a beautiful way.