[SOLVED] Adding an Artist Without Adding Transcription

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Is there a way to simply add an artist without adding any songs? I am asking because I would like to request transcriptions and translations of songs whose artists don't yet appear on the site. For example, I wish to request a transcription of "Kill Them" by The Bug, but the artist doesn't exist. I would transcribe it myself but I can't fully understand the Jamaican English lyrics.

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You don't need to do that. Submit your transcription request. When someone submits the lyrics, if the artist doesn't have a page on the site, it will automatically be created with the submission of the first lyrics for the artist.

A request for the lyrics has been created for you: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/bug-kill-them-lyrics-request
You will:
- Receive a notification once someone has submitted the lyrics

And the following will happen:
- An artist page will be created for 'The Bug'
- Afterwards, you can make a translation request if you so wish.

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Normal users can't do that. Mods and Editor can, but we do not. We only allow empty pages in extreme situations, but you'd have to talk to a staff member to be authorized to do that.

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