Who are the 'Guests"?

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S-a alăturat: 24.10.2011
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Hi everyone!
I 've got a question.I've noticed that many songs and translations have been created by some "Guests".As far as I hane understood these are some people how had added a translation/song but they aren't users,I mean they don't have an account like the others.So I was wondering how can they add a post without been users,cause before I make this account I wanted to make some translations but I couldn't do it.

Thank you in advance. Regular smile

S-a alăturat: 08.01.2012

Maybe they've deleted their accounts after adding posts.

S-a alăturat: 24.10.2011

I don't think so because if you go on the main page and see right-down where it says"online users" you'll see it says e.g. 23 online users and 678 guests.

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S-a alăturat: 19.05.2008

In the past unregistered users > guests were able to post on the site, but after a lot of spam we now only allow registered users to do so.

S-a alăturat: 24.10.2011

But why is it written in the main page how many guests are online?I mean they are new ones.

S-a alăturat: 27.05.2008

'Guests' number on the main page says how many not logged in people browse the site at the moment. Yes, and that number includes automated programs, called bots, that crawl internet for new information for Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.

S-a alăturat: 24.10.2011

oh,thanks Regular smile

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