Who built this website?

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I just find the site fascinating, really, I mean it really gives you space to help in the field you would like to help others in. So, I thought I should know who started this site?How did he/she had the idea?What nationality he/she is?

My sincere appreciation for this great site

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Thanks for positive feedback! First of all, it is translators who made this site useful. Thanks to them from all Internet users!

The lyricstraslate.com idea was born thanks to lyrics website forums. There were a lot of threads where users asked for help on translation of various songs in different languages… Forums are great for instant help, but with time translations become hard to find, lot of people start to ask for a translation, that already has been translated, and so on.

We are an independent developers group, maintaining lyricstranslate.com in spare time, that is why site development is somewhat slow. We are from Ukraine.

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maybe the site development is a lil bit slow, but still one great idea.
Thanks alot for your answer. Keep on the good work Regular smile

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And what's the deal with allthelyrics website? Is that yours as well? You're right, finding songs there is pretty... unpleasant.

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