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From and with you

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At your door, just standing here
just a minute ago you were mine
one third of who I was is going home
because one is crossed, one is yours
this is the ending of our movie
From right now on
From and after you
Seeing you at Blue in April
in telephone in new jeans
but I am still wearing the same trousers and still smoking the same marlboro
I recall every scene from our movie
From right now on
From and with you
I will never be the same, from and after you
(from right now on and from and after you)
from and after you
(some lights never burn out)
does not stand out, does not stand out
one year dissapears without light
even if a century pass, I will always wait for our turn
from and with then
From and after you, you, you, you
from and after you, you, you, you
yes we do the same again, I we do the same again as before
some lights will never burn out
and around your door has nothing
changed except that just on yours
because next to your name there is one more name
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Från Och Med Du

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