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My loneliness is cold
Like an icicle piercing through me
What I would give
For a piece of comfort
I admit my wrongs
Even though the list is quite long
I am looking for a loved one
To help me get out of the shade
Stop battering me
I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown
My heart whispers to my ear
When will it subside
My tears are drowning me
I am swimming in the middle of this downpour
Alone, drifting away
Guilt is eating at me
It's difficult to live
When your pride has been wounded
When the person you love
Has fun pretending to be blind
Of course I'm falling
Prisoner of this slippery slope
I'm gonna have scars
But it will take time to heal
If my eyes are red
It's because I'm crying bloody tears
I'm walking towards nothingness
Until obscurity finds me
I'd like for you to understand
The extent of my feelings
To know that I'm real
To understand that I'm honest
I don't enjoy complaining
But I can't stand the falling rain anymore
I'm wishing for a bit of sunshine
But the horizon is dark
Your presence troubles me
I can't deal with the pressure anymore
I'm left without answers
And I have so many questions
I lose myself in your eyes
Just as in a deep maze
My biggest fear still is
That you'll only notice when it's too late
But talk to me
Tell me
Quick, let me know
This torture is awful
And brings me closer to despair
If it's a game to you
Then I give up this match
No one wins playing this game
And that's guaranteed
The loneliness in your eyes
There's no more hope
I can understand
You can see it
I'm aware of your feelings
It troubles me
You can trust me
You'll have a place by my side
I'll always be there to listen to you
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