Geberesice (traducere în Engleză)

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Drop dead!(I hope you will die!)

Stay behind, i was fooled once
By your cruel promises,but no more!
Look how impudent you are.
Did you just 'so-called' praise me?( Its clear you did not.)
Does time pass with roses and thornes?
We are consoled with bells and köçek* , oh dear!
Shake your hips side to side and twist.(She means her lover gives everybody the green light)
If ı am lucky enough I would have some of you as well.
You are glitzy and with swagger.
It makes me crazy in a strange way.
I would like to pound upon your mouth.
But from your mouth drips honey.
Drop dead(I hope you will die!)
*Köçek is a traditional Turkish dance, which, male dancers wear in female clothes and dance as if they are women.
P.S. Translating 'Geberesice' word is not easy but i will try. First, it is a mean slang word. When you curse somebody ' I hope you will die.' you say 'Geberesice'. But in the song's text she sings that she is mad to her lover but she still loves ,so, she says 'Geberesice' but it is understood that she does not mean it, saying it in humorous way. It is also close to 'drop dead'.
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