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Under Crimson Skies versuri

  • Artist: Germ (Australia) (Germ)
  • Album: Escape (2016)

Under Crimson Skies

The glass has decayed
and returned to sand
yet still I dreamed
that this would never end.
Standing on a platform
are you too cruel to suffer?
Squeezing my hand tighter
with shards of glass in your palm.
You buried me against my will
under crimson skies I was lying still
gently I gripped your hand
as the blood poured onto the sand.
I looked to you to guide the way
but the freezing winds lead me astray
and atop the uphill climb
you pushed me down the other side.
I can still see your reflection in blood
can you even recognise yourself?
And you left me here to burn
before reaching out your hand.
Postat de LithiumLithium la 2022-09-15


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