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Germanys next top gangster

[1. Verse: Karuzo]
No one can stop me, the global warming
I aim and hit your sternum even from great distance
Man, I am everywhere and manipulate like commercials
You better get backup, I come with guys on probation
And I make nails with heads (do it properly, coll.) like a hammerhead
Then I draw my butterfly and teach you guys the fluttering, like a parrot
You can all jabber, 'cause you can't do anything anyway
I am like a tailor, 'cause I deal dope for a living*
My job is dangerous, but I can't stop doing that
If the risk pays off is just a matter of opinion
Depends, boy, how many kilograms I make
And when he doesn't want how I do, he gets the gun on the neck
Life shows a man has to rely on his dick
Like a gladiator, I am made for the fight
You want my heart, baby - first you'll have to crack the shell
And then you can crawl on the back of this panther
[Hook: Karuzo]
Do you hear the claps and the drums? Fresh from the slums
I want to finally get out and (get) more cash on the bank
From today on I make here the head nodders, cop killer,
Godzilla, block banger, Germanys Next Top Gangster
[2. Verse: Karuzo]
You all little gangsters babble about Hollywood hoes
I have on cam how your mom sucks at my lollipop
You have the fist in the ass, like puppets and don't get any further on your own
Now there's cumshot and I hit between the eyes, like a sniper
I am high like marine mammals and skilled at texting
My enemies call me Itchy, cause I like to hurt pussies
I am the bush gorilla here and have balls, like you fists
I want to expand further like germans 70 years ago
You are weak and clench your fists, like a fetus
I am underground and roll over your skull, like the metr
As memo to me: This is the demo, nothing else
Cunt (spanish), you are such a Toyboy, Nemo looks for you
Finally stop crying and keep cleaning my shoes
No matter, how you hate me, I make cash like a jew
You have to do, what I command, shut the hell up, like my slave
You are more superfluous than cunts during their period**
[Hook: Karuzo]
[3. Verse: Karuzo]
German rap is my puppy and I bite in his neck
I have guns under the pillow and the notes in the pockets
Do you want stones or slabs? I have parts or weapons
I have enemies of all ethnics: Russians, dagos and rats
Cops hate me, they want to catch me, but they don't manage it
They don't let me out of their eyes, but my alibi is solid
I was the whole night with my lady and chilled
"I'm sorry, Mr. Commissar, no I don't sell pills!" - Aah
Here comes the big brother, believe me I make fat Para***
Could be, that I shoot out of boredom at you and your clique -
Boom, ya
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Comentariile autorului:

*in german dope is the same word for fabric, it's a play on words
**the word for superfluous in german has a meaning like something is too fluid
*** para is arabic (?) I believe for money


Germanys Next Topgangster

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