Joseph Attieh - Ghalta Tani (غلطة تاني) (traducere în Engleză)

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Another Mistake

Sometimes it is good for someone to forget
Because having regrets may lead you to another mistake
From the great amount of sorrows, sometimes someone
May rub a falling tear, till another one falls down right after
If I tell you that this is what I’m going through, what would you say?
If I tell you that there’s no one to blame for my wound but you
What your reaction would be about the one who lived by your hope?
You would kill yourself by then because you are the guilty one
I’m not like those who died of their weakness, my fire knows no forgiveness
I’m going to let love itself take my revenge of you
I can’t lose in front of you so that you can make me suffer even more
I’m stronger and bigger than my life mistake, and you already know that
If you could look at my face if we’ll ever meet again
And you can hold yourself for a second without collapsing right after
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Ghalta Tani (غلطة تاني)

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