give it a try

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"give it a try" în versuri

Sinan Akçıl - Smiling is like giving alms

in this beautiful world, Masha'Allah...

Why don't you give it a try
Put your hand on your heart ...

Shakira - Trap

Call me whenever you want drink

Give it a try
Put Nutella

J-Hope - Daydream

Young Wild and Free
Wild and Free
Let me give it a try

Wisin - I'd Like to Get Away (Remix)

I want to get away but I am tied to something about you
The memory of you abuses me and I don't know what's going on
When we try to give it a try, everything fails

Hotel Transylvania (OST) - The Zing ('Cause you're my zing)

Oh, come on!

Just give it a try.Alright.
Maybe just a little bit).

maNga - Fly To Stay Alive

I'm not saying I'm the perfect man
But I swear I will give it a try
I'm no pilot, I got no wings

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Cypher Pt.2 Triptych

strange beliefs get lost after 8 measures
You old caterpillars,
I’ll give you this beat, give it a try
Hey, start talking when you can start rapping

Twice - One More Time

If you have courage speak up.
And I know that you fear, to talk about it
But just give it a try.

The Lightning Thief Musical - The Campfire Song

It's alright A lot of half-bloods never know their godly parent. Just give it a try


Everything looks like it’s mine
Going here and there,
I give it a try at least once, just hold up

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - If I don't answer her

But you decided to fly in the world
and fly,, fly
If you want to try, give it a try
If its not worth the time its better that it dies

Mohammed Rafi - When your head spins

in front of me everyone is equal, whether king or army
listen, listen, oh son, just listen, there are many benefits to this massage
one solution to a million problems, why not give it a try?
why do you worry so?

Selena Gomez - The Zing

Oh, come on!

Just give it a try.Alright.
Maybe just a little bit).

Willy Astor - Simply being

Simply being simple

Give it a try to be simple again
A table, a chair, a candlelight

amazarashi - Philosophy

I’m so relieved at night when my shadow disappears. And I don’t know where it’s gone tonight either.

Give it a try, like you could die. Cause if you don’t, you just might.
Don’t tell me I’m being silly, when the first punch was thrown by reality.

Kim Hyun Joong - Unbreakable

go away, I just keep going forward
No one can ever stop me
But if you wanna give it a try, try
Even if you were born

Pilar Montenegro - Remove that man

Reach where no one has reached before
Come on, give it a try
Come on, give it a try

Hamilton (musical) - The Room Where It Happens

We oughta give it a try

Kaleo - No Good

Kiss your baby goodbye.
Come on now it's alright
You never know unless you give it a try

Udo Jürgens - Thanks for the flowers

It would be awful to lose you in this job
I really don't know how things should go on without you
But maybe we should give it a try by the start of next month?"